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11.06.2003 Chrysler Vienna Vikings

Preview: EUROBOWL Semi-Final in Vienna

The Chrysler Vienna Vikings go against the unbeaten European and Italian
Champion Bergamo Lions the third time. This year again the Italians are the favorites in that game. But you never know, may be the relatively young Austrian Champion 2002, still unbeaten in 2003 season, makes it.

Vikings attacked thru the Air
(c) Vienna Vikings
Vikings attacked thru the Air
(c)Vienna Vikings

Eurobowl Semi Final 2003
Chrysler Vikings Vienna vs. Bergamo Lions
15.06.2003 – 15:00h – Stadium Hohe Warte Vienna

Next Sunday Vienna will be again the home of European top level football.
The Chrysler Vikings Vienna will play the European champions Bergamo Lions in the EB Semi final 2003.

This will be the third direct competition between the two programs. The past two years Bergamo always won the battles and proofed that they are Europe’s Nr. 1 team.
This year the Lions still are the favourites. Like in the past years Bergamo won all national and international games without any struggle. The player personnel on Bergamo’s roster seems to be even stronger than in the past years and the quality of the Lions program is described best by their impressive game record in the past years.

For many players of the young Vienna team, numerous old players retired after the 2002 season, it will be the first challenge on European top level. The players are looking forward to this experience and will be highly motivated to play the reigning European champs. Especially after not being able to proof their full potential in the past two years, the Vikings will try to play their best football game of the season.

These expectations should guarantee the fans a great football game. In the past years Vienna prrofed to be great location for big EB games. The enthusiastic fans and the rich entertainment program always created an outstanding scenario. For this year the planned program and the high number of already sold tickets promise again a great event. Maybe even including a little surprise……

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