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15.06.2003 Tyrolean Raiders

Raiders lose EFAF Cup Final to powerful Crusaders

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4.500 visitors, almost Papa Joe┬┤s Tyrolean Raiders fans, saw their dreams of a victory of their team swim away in rain floods. The swedish team, more experienced in rain battles, earned to win the game on that day.

Papa Joe’s Tyrolean Raiders vs. Carlstad Crusaders (SWE) 7:28 (0:14; 7:0; 0:7; 0:7)

14.06.03, Tivoli Stadion Neu, Innsbruck

4.500 spectators

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Despite bad weather conditions – it even hailed 10 minutes prior kickoff and it rained cats and dogs throughout the game – 4.500 spectators came to see the Telesystem EFAF Cup Final 2003 in Innsbruck. This is absolutely a new record for the Papa Joe’s Tyrolean Raiders after the earlier record(3.500) in the same season against the british club PA Farnham Knights.

Already in the first quarter the Carlstad Crusaders showed what their strength was, running the ball. They scored on their first drive with a 54 yard TD run by QB Larsson, which put the Crusaders ahead 7:0. In the next drive Raiders QB Jenkins’ pass was intercepted by Crusades DB Sundberg after a deflection and the Swedish Vize-Champion exploited that turnover and put points on the scoreboard again. QB Larsson hit WR Ohlson on a 24 yard pass.

The second quarter was the strongest period of the Papa Joe’s Tyrolean Raiders, WR Benjamin Dieplinger caught one pass after the other and was also responsible for the 7 yard TD reception, cutting the score short to 7:14. 5 minutes before halftime was the turning point of the EFAF Cup Final. Raiders DB Christian Bisjak recovered a Crusaders fumble on the Swedish 13 yd line. Raiders Running Back Florian Grein ran for a TD, which would have tied the game 14:14, but was called back due to a block in the back. From the Crusaders 21 yd line Florian Grein ran another big play near to the Crusaders endzone but was called back again. The Papa Joe’s Tyrolean Raiders were not able to tie the game before halftime.
In the third quarter the game was pretty even, even though the Crusaders proved one after the other time to be a powerful running team, led by FB Joakim Holm who rushed for 125 yd on 15 carries. A coverage mistake by the Raiders DBs led to a 20 yd TD pass to Lindgren, which put the score to 21:7.

In the fourth quarter Crusaders FB Holm capped the game with a 25 yd run making the final score 28:7 for the Carlstad Crusaders.
Crusaders QB Larsson was voted to MVP, throwing 2 TDs, running one himself with a total of 96 rushing and 49 passing yards.

Raiders Manager Daniel Dieplinger after the game: „Congratulations to the Crusaders, they played really strong today. The weather was for sure to their advantage, our offense did not get into the right rhythm and the powerful Swedish running attack was difficult to stop. Despite that it is a big success for us to have reached the final and that despite the bad weather we had 4.500 spectators.”

Partners of the Telesystem EFAF Cup Final 2003 Innsbruck:

Papa Joe’s American Restaurant and Caribbean Cocktail Bar in Innsbruck, Moscow, Seoul,…


Post game report from Carlstad Cusaders HC B.D. Kennedy:

My first thought on winning the EFAF Cup Championship is, how proud I am of this football team. These guys came and played a game that was not without some stressful moments, but all in all came together as a team and absolutely refused to not lose. And that attitude is what I believe a championship team must have. We had some great performances by some of the same players that have been doing it week in and week out.

Johan Larsson, named MVP of the game, came in and ran the option to near perfection. He finished the game with 3 pass completions, 2 of which went for TD's. Once again the big man Joakim Holm shredded the defense for a game high 128 yards rushing, capping it off with a great 25 yard touchdown run in the 4th quarter to put the game out of reach.

Then there was the guys that stepped up and made the plays when they had a chance, such as Anders Ohlson scoring the second TD of the evening on a spectacular catch in the endzone. Anders has been playing steadily all year, but this was his first TD since last years SM final and he picked the right place and the right time to get it done. Christian Forsman and Rikard Borg continue to have solid steady games and show that they havethe potential to break away any time they touch the ball.

The big credit has to go to the big men up front this ball game. With the rain coming down like it was for most of the game, I told the OL they would have to take control of the action up front and allow us to move the ball on the ground. They did a spectacular job. We had a 331 yard day rushing the ball in wet slippery conditions. The most amazing stat of the night...we only lost 6 yards the entire evening. The OL did a great job.

Defensively, we showed that not only do we have a solid front 6 but our back 5 are pretty good also. We were able to intercept Tyrolean's American QB 2 times by Robert Sundberg whom also had 2 pass break ups. Martin Svensson and Daniel Jansson combined for 3 pass break ups. Henrik Larsson stepped in for the injured Martin Larsson and played well. He finished the game with 3.5 tackles and played a key role in a defense that held the explosive Tyrleon Raider offense to a total of 142 yards.

The Raider offense was only able to produce 72 yards on the ground and 70 yards through the air. Hats off to the defense for another sound performance.

Special teams was good. We did a good job generating some field postion and P-A Forsman keeps his PAT record at 100% throught another game.

Final thoughts on the game. I would like to say thanks to the Tyrolean Raiders for all the hospitality that they showed us. The arrangements around the game and the environment was top notch.

And still the final thought is, this season is not over, but we are extremely excited that we got in this tournament and won it. We will take midsummer off then comeback and finish of the first half of Super Series play vs. the Stockholm Mean Machine on June 28, in Stockholm. It is a great feeling that we will get to enjoy but it will be time to "go back to work" and continue to prepare each other to make it to the play-offs and win.

Robert Sundberg, Carlstad Crusaders

Scoring Summary:
08:46 CRU - J.Larsson 54 yd run (P.Forsman kick), 2 plays, 73 yards,
TOP 0:04, CRU 7 - RAI 0
04:38 CRU - A.Ohlson 24 yd pass from J.Larsson (P.Forsman kick), 8 plays,
73 yards, TOP 3:22, CRU 14 - RAI 0
10:29 RAI - B.Dieplinger 7 yd pass from R.Jenkins (J.Schnellrieder kick), 6
plays, 43 yards, TOP 2:07, CRU 14 - RAI 7
06:35 CRU - P.Lindgren 20 yd pass from J.Larsson (P.Forsman kick), 5 plays,
78 yards, TOP 2:14, CRU 21 - RAI 7
09:47 CRU - J.Holm 25 yd run (P.Forsman kick), 7 plays, 62 yards, TOP 3:36,
CRU 28 - RAI 7

Rushing No Gain Loss Net TD Lg Avg
R.Jenkins 10 45 13 32 0 15 3.2
W.Smith 7 26 5 21 0 12 3.0
F.Grein 9 22 3 19 0 8 2.1
Totals... 26 93 21 72 0 15 2.8

Passing Att-Cmp-Int Yds TD Long Sck
R.Jenkins 22-10-2 89 1 17 2
Team Raiders 0-0-0 -19 0 0 0
Totals... 22-10-2 70 1 17 2

Receiving No. Yds TD Long
B.Dieplinger 5 65 1 17
V.Skradski 2 12 0 8
F.Grein 2 8 0 10
W.Smith 1 4 0 4
Totals... 10 89 1 17

## Player UT AT Total ForLoss FR-Yd Intc BrUp Blkd Sack/Yds QH
32 S.Simonek 1 8 5.0 1-3 . . . . / .
75 W.Saurer 1 7 4.5 1-3 . . . . / .
59 C.Koller 1 7 4.5 . . . . . / .

Rushing No Gain Loss Net TD Lg Avg
J.Holm 15 128 3 125 1 31 8.3
J.Larsson 12 96 3 93 1 54 7.8
C.Forsmann 9 66 0 66 0 30 7.3
C.Carlsson 1 20 0 20 0 20 20.0
R.Borg 5 20 0 20 0 6 4.0
T.Gere 2 7 0 7 0 5 3.5
Totals... 44 337 6 331 2 54 7.5

Passing Att-Cmp-Int Yds TD Long Sck
J.Larsson 7-3-0 49 2 24 0
Totals... 7-3-0 49 2 24 0

Receiving No. Yds TD Long
A.Ohlson 1 24 1 24
P.Lindgren 1 20 1 20
M.Kullstrand 1 5 0 5
Totals... 3 49 2 24

## Player UT AT Total ForLoss FR-Yd Intc BrUp Blkd Sack/Yds QH
54 E.Hakansson 4 3 5.5 2-9 . . . . / .
4 D.Jansson 1 5 3.5 1-5 . . 1 . / .
10 M.Ullbrandt 2 3 3.5 1-2 . . . . / .


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