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17.06.2003 Braunschweig Lions

Braunschweig Lions marching into Final

The German Lions did make it again. The second year in row they are in the EUROBOWL Final. The spanish club from the suburb of Barcelona could not stop that. For the Badalona Drags showing up in the EUROBOWL Semi-Final 2003 was the biggest success in the spanish (and their own) history of club football besides last years participation on EFAF Cup 2002 Final.

Defense als Drachentöter - Lions schlagen Drags
(c) Braunschweig Lions
Defense als Drachentöter - Lions schlagen Drags
(c)Braunschweig Lions




In front of 4.428 spectators in the city of Salzgitter the Braunschweig Lions reached the final in this years Eurobowl tournament. The team of Headcoach Troy Tomlin defeated the Badalona Drags with 50:20 (29:7) and will be facing the Vienna Vikings now in the big final on July 5th in Braunschweig.

It was a hot and sunny day in Salzgitter and both teams came ready to play a football game. The team from Spain was obviously ready for a heating battle and so were the Lions. After one offensive drives by each team as a little warm-up it was Braunschweigs Eric Yuma who scored first after Doug Seidenstricker intercepted a pass from Spains Quarterback Justin Millea. After that play Yuma caught a nice pass from Quarterback Adrian Rainbow a took it all the way into the Drags endzone.

That was like the starting snap for the Germans and even the first touchdown by the Spains from their mobile Quarterback Justin Millea couldn´t stop the Lions. Within a couple of minutes they went ahead 29:7 with touchdowns from Wide Receiver Kelvin Love (twice) and Runningback Nico Skoczylas. That was also the score at halftime.

Surprisingly it was the Drags that came out fresh and strong after the break and they had the better start in the second half. But they couldn´t put any points on the scoreboard and so it was up to the Lions to put more points up there. Runningback Kim Kuci was the first one to reach the Drags endzone for a touchdown in the second half. The Lions raised their lead to 36:7 and that was kind of a backbreaker for the spanish Champion. The Drags tried hard to come back into the game but a tough Lions-Defense stopped pretty much every offensive play by the Spains and sacked the Quarterback for a total of three times.

At the end of the game the Drags rushed for a total of only 31 Yards. After Nico Skoczylas´ second touchdown of the day the game was pretty much over and the Lions put in their back-up players. That and a good passing game by Justin Millea gave the Drags a chance to score two more touchdowns before Kim Kuci ended the game with the touchdown for the 50:20 final score.

Now the Lions will have to face the Vienna Vikings in the upcoming Eurobowl Final on July 5th in Braunschweig. Kick-Off for that game will be 15:00.


1st Quarter
8:0 Eric Yuma 35 Yard-Pass by Adrian Rainbow (Conv. Kelvin Love)
2nd Quarter
8:7 Justin Millea 1 Yard-Run (PAT Israel Yagüe)
16:7 Kelvin Love 68 Yard-Pass by Adrian Rainbow (Conv. Kelvin Love)
23:7 Nico Skoczylas 2 Yard-Run (PAT Marko Rothaar)
29:7 Kelvin Love 5 Yard-Pass by Adrian Rainbow (Conversion failed)
3rd Quarter
36:7 Kim Kuci 5 Yard-Run (PAT Marko Rothaar)
43:7 Nico Skoczylas 4 Yard-Run (PAT Marko Rothaar)
43:14 Justin Millea 1 Yard-Run (PAT Israel Yagüe)
4th Quarter
43:20 Jervon Walton 10 Yard-Run (PAT failed)
50:20 Kim Kuci 5 Yard-Run (PAT Marko Rothaar)

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