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06.07.2003 Braunschweig Lions

Braunschweig Lions are celebrating 2nd EUROBOWL title

After their first win in 1999 against Hamburg the Lions could win their second european title against the Vienna Vikings. The Austrians, having beaten the defending champion Bergamo in the Semi-Final, were the tough opponent expected by all experts. In halftime 2 there were key situations and official calls, which might have changed the game result easily. another

Teamphoto Eurobowl Champion
(c) Braunschweig Lions
Teamphoto Eurobowl Champion
(c)Braunschweig Lions




In front of 7.878 spectators the Braunschweig Lions claimed their second Eurobowl title. The team of Headcoach Troy Tomlin defeated the Chrysler Vikings Vienna in an exciting game with 21:14 (14:14) and is celebrating now for the second time after their first win in 1999. It was a cold and rainy day in Braunschweig but both teams came ready to play a football game.

The team from Austria had the better start and after a good offensive drive it was Runningback Lance Gustafson who scored the first touchdown of the game. The Germans had some problems getting into the game on offense but Kim Kuci´s first touchdown equaled the game again and after that score it was a real battle between two very good teams. Both defense´s played outstanding football and therefore it was very hard to produce and score for the opponents offense. Before halftime it was only Luke Atwood for Vienna and Adrian Rainbow for the Lions who scored another touchdowns.

The pressure raised for both teams in the second half and the rain didn´t help to see a lot of passing plays either. So both teams relied on their ground attacks and for Vienna that meant to give the ball into the hands of Lance Gustafson or Quarterback Shawn Olson. For the Lions it was again and again Kim Kuci who carried the team and it was up to him to score the final touchdown. After the game Braunschweigs number 28 was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the game and besides his two touchdowns he rushed for 97 Yards.

But the game wasn´t over after Kuci´s second touchdown of the day. After the Lions came all the way down the field to the 10 Yard-line of the Vikings it was a fumble who brought the Austrians back into the game. Shawn Olson and his offense got back on the field and now it was up to them to march down the field. They did a good job doing that but they were not able to score again. It was a real thriller at the end and with no time left on the clock Vienna had to play their last offensive play of the game after a penalty on the play before. Shawn Olson was looking for his Runningback Kyle McIntosh in the endzone but his pass was muffed and to short. The game was over and the Lions players and coaches were celebrating.

The fans in Braunschweig and the people on the TV screens in Austria witnessed one of the best games ever played in the Eurobowl tournament between two almost even teams. Unfortunately there had to be a winner and for this time it came from Germany. Maybe next year their will be a new champion from Austria.


1st Quarter
7:0 Lance Gustafson 30 Yard-Run (PAT Peter Kramberger)

2nd Quarter
7:7 Kim Kuci 20 Yard-Run (PAT Marko Rothaar)
14:7 Luke Atwood 20 Yard-Pass by Shawn Olson
(PAT Peter Kramberger)
14:14 Adrian Rainbow 5 Yard-Run (PAT Marko Rothaar)

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter
14:21 Kim Kuci 7 Yard-Run (PAT Marko Rothaar)

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