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Danube Dragons
(c) Danube Dragons


06.04.2011 Danube Dragons

The Austrian champion Danube Dragons wins EFL Qualification game

The Austrian champion Danube Dragons wins its Qualification game of the European Football League (EFL) against the Czech champions Prague Panthers before 1500 spectators in Vienna Stadlau 33:16 (3:0, 9:3, 7:6, 14:7) and travels in May to the quarter-finals against the Euro Bowl champion Berlin Adler.

WR Martin Kuen (4 rec, 52 yds)against Zürich Renegades
(c) Danube Dragons
WR Martin Kuen (4 rec, 52 yds)against Zürich Renegades
(c)Danube Dragons

The dragons in their first season game have difficulties at first, especially the offense has troubles shaking of the rust of the long offseason. In this phase Kicker Martin Wunderer transformed with two field goals (35 and 28 yards) the keeps the hosts in the game. Their more concentrated acting Defense alows only one score, a field goal of Czech Kicker Gabor Sviatko, (40 yards). Only just before halftime the Dragons show their teeth, quarterback Thomas Haider finished the drive with a beautiful touchdown pass to Jimmie Russell to 12:3-Half-Time lead. (PAT kick failed Wunderer).
After the the Kick Off for the second Half, the dragons Offense still has some difficulties to find its rhythm. But finally succeed when Sean Fullerton after a long pass from Haider brings more Point on the dragons scoreboard 19:3 (PAT kick Wunderer), the Prague Panthers answer is a pass from from McManus to Sindler the 2-point conversion fails. The new score stands at 19:09.
Close to the end of the Game, Jimmie Russel finds the Endzone again followed by Sean Fullerton. And also the Panthers can score again.
The Game ends 33:16.
Division 1
Danube Dragons3339714
Prague Panthers160367

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