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14.04.2011 Thonon Les Baines

Black Panthers don+t use their possibilities

Saturday, April 9 at 6pm the Black Panthers began their European (EFAF Cup) Championship against the Black Hawks in Prague. A balanced first half, where each team went shot for shot but not the conversion of one of two touchdown of Thonon allow visitors to enter to the break with a score of 13 to 14.

Thonon vs Bologna Doves 2009
(c) EFAF
Thonon vs Bologna Doves 2009

In the second half both defensive squads take precedence over attacks that do not find any rhythm. Attack of the Black Panthers conceded even 2 points after a penalty in their own endzone forming hoop giving Prague a lead of 3 points 13-16. These 3 points will be the nail in the coffin for the Panthers who are intercepted by 2 times in the last quarter while trying to pick the score and therefore tilts 13 to 16 at home.
Regret for Larry LEGAULT mens who are going to put this loss rate to plunge immediately into the championship with the receipt of the Argonauts of Aix en Provence this Saturday, April 16 at 20 am at Joseph Moynat Stadium for a match if the capital Thonon club wishes to retain hope of participating in the semi-finals.

Here is the link to download to game in video http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17147809/video_efafcup.zip

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