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19.04.2011 L´Hospitalet Pioners

Slip in Europe

Parma Panthers stood in the way of Pioners to the quarter-finals of the EFL
(European Football League), beating the Catalans for 20 to 33. The match was
very intense, with brilliant actions of both teams that delighted the large
crowd that attended the L'Hospitalet Nord Esportiu Complex with a recital of
passing game. The Italian champions played with five American imports, which
took the responsibility of the game. The Pioners spared too much in the
first half, but came away with a point advantage at half time. However, a
bad third quarter gave the Italians the chance of reaching a comeback.

The Catalans scored first after a long drive by QB sneak play by Andrew
Robinson; Sergio Velez scored the extra point. Now was time for Parma's
offense, moving the ball with Tayson Bisset's receptions and Nathan Lyles
runs, arriving to Pioners' red zone. On the first play of the second quarter
a 9-yard pass from Taylor Tharp to Bisset gave the first touchdown to
Panthers; the extra point was blocked. Pioners' offense again in the field,
but bad luck raged in them, when Michele Cabali blocked a punt, recovering
the ball and returning it 15 yards for a new a touchdown for the Italians;
Francesco Diaferia scored the extra point. Pioners' tried again moving the
ball through the air, arriving few yards close to the goal line. But
Robinson got sacked, fumbling the ball, being it recovered by Parma.
Panther's didn't take advantage of the situation and finally decided punting
the ball, after some downs. On the next play, Robinson connected from
midfield with Hugo Solo, who caught the ball and getting rid of a few
opponents, ran to cross the goal line, scoring a touchdown again; Velez
scored the extra point. Both teams had a couple more of drives each in the
second quarter, but without any score.

The Italians had the possession of the ball, again, in the begging of the
second half, moving the chains, until a new pass from Taylor to Bissel made
them scoring again; the extra point was out. Three plays and punt for the
Pioners, and in the Italian response, after a long career of Alessandro
Malpeli who left the ball in the yard 4, again Bisset (nightmare for the red
and black's) caught a new pass and scored again; Panthers tried a two points
conversion play, and Canali cached a new pass. A couple of drives without
consequences for each team made the clock run to the last quarter. Pioners
stopped again the Italians offense but in response, Robinson was
intercepted, ending any hopes of the Pioneers to overcome. In the next
drive, Panthers scored again on a rush of Lyles; the extra point was
blocked. The Pioners were thinking about surrendering, and Velez received a
long pass inside the end zone, closing the gap on the scoreboard Pioners
tried the two-point, without success. They had a last opportunity, when
recovered an onside kick, having a last play before the end, but a long pass
did not reach its destination, and the match ended.

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