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24.04.2011 Kiel Baltic Hurricanes

Hurricanes lose 20:22 to Carlstad in Overtime

Kiel, April 24th, 2011 – The Kiel Baltic Hurricanes have lost their first EFL game with 20:22 (0:0/14:6/0:0/0:8/6:8) in overtime against the Carlstad Crusaders. Before the game both anthems were sung by Melanie, singer with ABBA Magic. The band also gave a concert right after the game in front of the stadium. Thus, the surroundings were all set to turn the meeting of the two national champions into a German-Swedish football festival. And the teams kept the game tantalizingly exciting. Both fought hard and struggled with mistakes, but in the end, Carlstad used its chance to advance to the quarterfinal.

In the first quarter, both teams had trouble finding a rhythm on offense. The 2.460 fans in the stands had to wait until the start of the second quarter to see Canes quarterback Jeff Welsh connect with Receiver Julian Dohrendorf for the first score. Dohrendorf also kicked the PAT to give the Hurricanes a 7:0 lead. The Crusaders answered towards the end of the quarter with a run by Frederik Eklund, but the Hurricanes could regain the lead before the end of the half when Jeff Welsh threw another touchdown pass to Julian Dohrendorf. With the score at 14:6 the teams went into the locker rooms.

The third quarter was again scoreless as both defenses kept the other team’s offense in check. But the Crusaders were more and more pushing towards the endzone. Their defense was able to sack Canes quarterback Jeff Welsh in the middle of the field and strip the ball from him. Eli Cranor soon afterwards rewarded his defense’s efforts by throwing a 22-yard pass to Joey Stein to close in on the Hurricanes. With a successful two-point conversion, the Crusaders set the score even to 14:14. No team could use the final minutes of regulation to score again and the game went into overtime.

Carlstad got the ball first. A few times, the Hurricanes defense was able to stop the Crusaders before Eli Cranor’s pass again found Joey Stein in the endzone. Carl Carlsson caught the pass to complete the two-point conversion and Carlstad went ahead 14:22 for the first time in the game. It was now or never for the Hurricanes and Philipp Dohrendorf, older brother to Julian, caught Jeff Welsh’s touchdown pass. Kiel had to try for two extrapoints but the Crusaders could defend the 2-PC and thus end the game at 20:22. With this win, the Crusaders will now face the Graz Giants on May 7 in the quarterfinal.

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