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Cougars of Saint Ouen l’Aumône
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24.04.2011 Saint Ouen l’Aumône Cougars

Saint Ouen l`Aumône Cougars vs Coventry Jets

Saturday april 23rd, the St Ouen l’Aumône Cougars received the Coventry Jets on a shinny day with a 1 000spectators attendance.

After having lost to the Sollerod Gold Diggers two weeks before, the Cougars started this game strongly with 2TD on their 2 first possessions, a 1yd run by Sébastien TOREL with a PAT blocked and a 45yds reception by Mickaël SERRE on a Kevin CRAFT pass. 1pts conversion failed.
The 3rd TD will come on a 30yds interception return by Benjamin SIMON with a 2pts conversion reception by Cédric CABARRUS.
Just before the end of the 1st QT, Serre scored his 2nd receiving TD on a 61yds reception. 28-0 after another 2pts conversion by Cabarrus.
Beginning of the 2nd QT, after another Simon’s interception, the Cougars kicked a 24yds Field Goal.
Then Craft ran for 4yds TD.
After an interception by Sinthujan APPUTHURAI, Johan VERNES scored a 4yds rushing TD to put the score at 45-0 at halftime.
The Jets are not able to create anything on offense but the Cougars have to stay serious in order to prevent the injuries.
Unfortunately for them at the beginning of the 2nd period they lost their starting center and his back up on knee injuries (out for season).

Vernes opens the half on his 2nd rushing TD on a 2yds run.
Then the tightend César HEBEL received the 3rd passing TD from Craft.
Alexandre FRANCO gave the 4th pick of the Cougars defense to put the offense in a good situation and Teddy VALENTINE ran for 9yds to put the score at 66-0 at the end of the 3rd QT.
The 3rd Simon’s interception (5th overall by the Jets QB) give another opportunity to score and it’s Isaac AMOAKO whose running for 7yds to hit the end zone.
Vernes score his 3rd rushing TD at 3mn from the end on a 1yd run.
In the last 2mn after a great return, the Jets are finally saving the honor on a 1yd run.
Final Score 81-7 for the Cougars.
Craft ends the game with amazing stats 27/33, 434yds 3TD
The Jets are totalizing only 81 total yds.
Group C
Saint Ouen l’Aumône Cougars8128172115
Coventry Jets70007

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