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London Blitz


25.04.2011 London Blitz

Valencia Firebats 0 - London Blitz 20

London Blitz is are through to EFAF CUP semi-finals after defeating Saint Ouen l’Aumône Cougars 
(c) London Blitz
London Blitz is are through to EFAF CUP semi-finals after defeating Saint Ouen l’Aumône Cougars
(c)London Blitz

The second fixture in The Efaf Cup Group D saw London Blitz make the huge 30 hour journey down to Valencia to take on the Firebats. Torrential rain the night before and in the couple of hours before the game saw the pitch transformed into a mud bath presenting a unique challenge for both teams.

London Blitz kicked off and quickly stopped the Firebats offence forcing them to punt. The punt was fielded but Blitz receiver Tom Shennan who scampered in from 60 yards out to put the Blitz up 6-0. The conditions overcame the extra point attempt as the ball span in the mud making Jimmy Wyatt's PAT nearly impossible.

The first half moved quickly with the clock ticking over with a mixture of short passing and a heavy dose of running dictated by the conditions. Firebats quarterback Goofy Perez extended a number of drives with plenty of third down heroics. One particularly threatening drive was snuffed out by an interception by Blitz corner Lennox Johnson. The half time score remained 6-0 to the Blitz.

The Firebats showed there intentions in the second half by trying to surprise the Blitz with an onside kick which was recovered by a very aware Matt Gornall for the Blitz. Unfortunately for the Blitz the offence stalled and Wyatt's field goal attempt went wide left. Perez now took his offence on a great drive down the pitch through the horrendous conditions only to be intercepted in the Blitz end zone again by Lennox Johnson.

Fred Boyle and the Blitz offence took to the field determined to grind the ball down the field and did that with a great time consuming drive culminating in Boyle tip toeing into the end zone to put the Londoners up 12-0. Wyatt tacked on the PAT to make it 13-0.

Another interception for the Blitz defence came via Aaron Sanders and a final score from the Blitz offence's dominant running game compliments of Deji Alli. Wyatt's extra point made the final score 20-0 London Blitz and saw the British Champions win Group D.

The Blitz will now wait to see the resolution of Group C in order to see who their semi-final opponents will be.
Group D
Valencia Firebats0----
London Blitz20----

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