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Valencia Bats
(c) Valencia Bats


27.04.2011 Valencia Firebats

Water Games in Valencia

The EFAF-CUP game held in Valencia was about to be cancelled cause of tremendous rain fallen throughout the morning and the large amount of water that accumulated on the playing field. Match referee and officials of both clubs decided to play the game, as the expectations that come back to rain was minimal, although the pitch was a real pool of water.

London Blitz could not be stopped
(c) Amsterdam Crusaders
London Blitz could not be stopped
(c)Amsterdam Crusaders

Under these conditions the game started, but its evolution was certainly on the side that dominated their best moves in the mud. The overwhelming favorite, given the potential difference and resources this year were the Londoners, especially after scoring more than 60 points to Amsterdam Crusaders.

In the early stages of the match, Valencia didn’t complete their first drive, and on that punt return, Blitz took advantage of gaps to score the first touchdown, and set 6 to 0 of departure, but the extra point was stopped by a great performance from the locals.

Valencia´s offense failed again in its attempt to move the ball, and once again had to give possession. But this time the local defense stablished a tight system that prevented not only the return, but any further ad-vance of the English, who almost suffered this pattern during the first 3 quarters in which they were unable to increase this disturbing 6 to 0.
Moreover, the Valencian attack moved the ball just barely, with great passing plays and some rushes among the mud, but sometimes were stopped in their progress, and others were intercepted by the sticky London´s cornerbacks, who stole the ball up three times, two of them in the end zone, avoiding the local touchdown.

In this situation, and well into the third quarter, the Firebats risked the ball´s possession in his own field, which ended up leaving the British in an excellent position to score, and put on 13 to 0 on the board, which came to complicate more the situation.

In these circumstances, with the Firebats playing in desperation, the British regained the ball to score the final 20 to 0 to finish the match.
A board that does not reflect the great effort that the visitors had to do to subdue a serious Valencian defense that was worthy of an international competition, while our attack was powerless over and over to the experienced English, and mud factor marred both the main weapon of this year, the passing game.

The next meeting is in Amsterdam, to meet the Crusaders, although with no options to overcome this first European phase, it will be an interesting match, to decide who is the second in this group.

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