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11.05.2011 Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna

Vienna Vikings beat Swiss champion in the Eurobowl quarterfinal

On Sunday, May 8th, the Vienna Vikings had famous visitors from Switzerland. The Calanda Broncos (the current Swiss champion and winner of the EFAF Cup 2010) came to Vienna to face the Vikings in the European Football League’s quarterfinal. From time to time the Vikings had their difficulties with the enormous speed and the pressure the guests showed on the field. Especially Vienna’s offense took some time to find the appropriate game plan against the Broncos.

Dodge Vikings beat Moscow
(c) Dodge Vikings
Dodge Vikings beat Moscow
(c)Dodge Vikings

And once more, the Vikings defense made a huge contribution to the victory: They disallowed any further score of the guests in the second half and finally they made the last, decisive score at the end of the game.

The Vienna Vikings have now reached the next round of the Eurobowl championship: They will face the Swarco Raiders Tirol to play for the semifinal decision on the last weekend of May.

Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna vs. Calanda Broncos 15:12 (7:6/0:6/6:0/2:0)

Scorers on Vikings‘ side:
Chauncey Calhoun(#1) / 2 Touchdowns, Peter Kramberger (#2) / 1 PAT and Dustin Illetschko (#41) / 1 Safety.

Detailed game report:

After winning the coin toss, the Broncos decided to receive the ball. The guests from Switzerland started their first drive on their 29 and succeeded very fast to break in the Vikings defense by surprise: DeVonne Jerson Wolfe caught a 67 yd pass from QB Blake Barnes and could not be stopped outside the Vikings end zone - 0:6 (PAT no good). The first drive of the Vikings followed and ended with a punt, which forced the Broncos to start on their own 9. This time Vienna’s defense was ready to hold the guest’s offense up, the Broncos had to punt as well. Finally, in the last minute of the first quarter the Vikings managed to score for the first time: Twice within one drive QB Christoph Gross (#8) completed a pass to WR Chauncey Calhoun (#1) - first Touchdown Vikings - 6:6. PAT by Peter Kramberger (#2) was good as well, intermediate result 7:6 Vikings.

In the second quarter, both defenses applied big pressure on the opponent’s offenses. The Swiss defense succeeded in intercepting a pass of QB Chris Gross, which was thrown under hard-pushed circumstances. The Vikings defense answered by forcing a turn over on downs. During the next punt the Vikings fumbled the ball, the Broncos recovered it and were able to start their drive on the Vikings 35. The guests seized their chance pretty fast: QB Marko Glavic completed a 28 yd pass on Tripp Chandler to the score of 7:12.The following attempt of a two-point conversion was successfully defended by the Vikings. In the last seconds of the first half the Vikings made their interception as well - Chauncey Calhoun caught a pass of Broncos QB M. Glavic. Anyway, the time was over, the scoreboard stayed unchanged - halftime 7:12.

The Vikings started the second half by receiving the ball, RB Tony Hunt (#3) returned the ball through the Swiss Defense to 50-yard line and more, the drive ended with a punt again. Some drives later Vienna’s QB Christoph Gross (#8) completed a 65-yard pass on WR Chauncey Calhoun (#1) who made some extra yards to reach the Bronco’s end zone: Touchdown Vikings - 13:12. Afterwards the Vikings tried to increase their lead with a two-point conversion - unfortunately the attempt executed by RB Tony Hunt (#3) was unsuccessful by inches.

The final quarter was shown again to be a battle of both defenses. The Vikings Offense managed again in advancing the ball - 3:21 towards the end, WR Chauncey Calhoun caught again the pass of QB Christoph Gross: 1st Down at the Broncos 15. Once more the drive ended with a punt, but that time the guests had to start very close on their own goal line. And the Vikings defense made it again: Dustin Illetschko (#41) was successful in tackling the Swiss QB inside the Broncos‘ end zone and made the decisive score for Vienna - the safety led to 15:12 for the Vikings. The last Vienna offensive drive followed, once again RB Tony Hunt assisted on advancing the ball: In his last drive he rushed for 26 yards to the Broncos’ 2. The few seconds on the game clock enabled the Vikings offense to let the remaining time pass. The final score stayed unchanged, the Vienna Vikings won the EFL quarter final by 15:12.

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