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08.06.2011 EFAF

EFAF CUP FINAL on July 2, 2011 at London

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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: All visa applications had been granted. Therefore the EFAF Cup Final will take place as scheduled.
EFAF Office June 27, 2011

The EFAF Board of Directors has awarded the London Blitz to host EFAF CUP Final.

London Blitz will meet Kragujevac Wild Boars from Serbia.

Home field advantage in the semifinals and finals of both EFL and EFAF Cup is awarded in a bidding process amongst the competing teams. The process was standardized by EFAF in 2009 and enables clubs to formally apply, if they wish to host one of these games. The EFAF Board of Directors after evaluation of all applications decides based on financial, strategic and quality aspects. The goal is to showcase the top European games to a broad public, thus past attendance figures or possible TV coverage are amongst the most important in the mix of criteria that leads to the decision.

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