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24.06.2011 EFAF

Officials Clinic in Luxembourg

Connected to the Atlantic Cup III Tournament in Dudelange/Luxembourg this weekend there are special education topics for officials. There will be two different clinics, one on Friday more general and open for everybody.
The second clinic is planned with focus for the officials of the tournament. b3

(c) EFAF

On Friday evening there is an officials clinic in DudelangeĀ“s Cottage .
Hotel with special focus for officials, who are more at the beginning of their officiating career and not referee on top european level of EFAF.

The officials clinic is open for people from Luxembourg and the area around, Germany and Benelux.

Ralph Lenoire (NED) and Michael Smith (IRL), both officiating in EUROBOWL
XXV a couple of days ago, are heading the clinic on Friday evening together with Tony Rivers (IRL).

On Saturday and Sunday in total 10 officials (the three mentioned before plus 7 additional) are involved in the Atlantic Cup for the two games per day. 3 of them are from Belgium, two from Netherlands, 2 from Germany and 3 more from Ireland.

These 7 officials will be educated by the three officals Lenoire, Smith and Rivers during the Atlantic Cup tournament. On Saturday and Sunday morning before the games will be each day a kind of "mini-clinic" to educate the people for example by reviewing scenes from the day before.

This system of education for officials, who are not or not yet officiating on european level, in the "mini-clinics" is part now the third year in connection to tournaments like Atlantic Cup to improve and increase the quality and knowledge. It is one part besides for instance coaches clinics of EFAF to have a higher common standard of education in the future in Europe.

Uwe Talke
EFAF Commissioner for
Clubteam Competitions

European Federation of American Football