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24.06.2011 EFAF

Luxembourg hosts Atlantic Cup III in Dudelange

On weekend July 25th and 26th the American Football Federation of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Dragons of Dudelange first time in their history host a multi-national european tournament of EFAF, the governing body of American Football in Europe:

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The Atlantic-Cup III Tournament with clubs from this time three countries; Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

The games are played as following:

Saturday :
12:00 h West-Vlaanderen Tribes vs. Brussels Tigers
16:00 h Luxembourg Dragons vs. Lelystad Commanders

Sunday :
11:00 h 3rd/4th Place
14:30 h Final

In connection with this tournament a clinic for officials will take
place to develop and improve officials, who are living in that region. More details refering the clinic will follow in a separate information.

The persons in charge of the host, the federation and the club, both are satisfied with the preparations for the tournament. Gast Schoumacker and Marc Watry: "We are prepared and are waiting for the start of the tournament. Hopefully the wheather is ok and the visitors will appreciate the venue Stade J.F.Kennedy in Dudelange, a lovely stadium, the games and the program we habe built around the game with food/drinks stands and entertainment. It is a pleasure and a honour for us to host this tournament first time in Luxembourg."

Originally it was planned to have clubs from four nations participating like in the two Atlantic Cups before, besides the three Benelux countries
Ireland was founding member and participating on the cups before . Due to several reasons it was not possible to have a representative from Ireland in 2011. One important factor was the general economical and financial crisis and their consequences in Ireland which lead to a loss of mayor sponsorships for the irish clubs involved. Nethertheless the Irish Federation of American Football does not want to stay away completely from this tournament and send two officials from Ireland to officiate the games.

The open spot due to the missing team from Ireland could be replaced by a second club from Belgium. Lesley Moreels, President the American Football Federation of Belgium: " Since the inception of the EFAF Atlantic Cup the Belgian Football League has always been at the forefront to make this tournament a success. We were very privileged to host the inaugural edition in 2009 in Brussels where the West-Vlaanderen Tribes narrowly beat the Dublin Rebels in a nail biter finish. Last year the Brussels Bulls had the honour of representing Belgium in Dublin. This year we are proud to say that we will have two teams participating and representing the Belgian Football League. The West-Vlaanderen Tribes champions of Flemish Football League (North) and the Brussels Tigers champions of the Francophone football league (South). So the first game on Saturday will be the repeat of last seasons Belgian Bowl XXIII final."

The fourth and last participant, the team from the Netherlands, the Lelystad Commanders are really expecting the tournament and their first game. Saturday in the early morning the team (37 players) shall travel with the bus to Luxembourg. During the travel several game films will be watched and the game preparation against Luxembourg Dragons will be gone through. Eric Hagen, head of the club and at the same time reigning President od the American Football Federation of the Netherlands comments: " We are looking forward to go to Luxembourg and to play for the second time in de Atlantic Cup. We had a good two weeks practice as preparation for the upcoming game against the Luxembourg Dragons. The first game is a must win and we will do our very best to show Europe that we are not a one-day fly. Our goal is winning this tournament, bring the Atlantic Cup trophy to the Netherlands and defending the cup in 2012 what will be held in Lelystad, Netherlands."
You can follow the Commanders on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/commandersLC

Uwe Talke
EFAF-Commissioner for
Clubteam Tournaments

European Federation of American Football