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28.06.2011 EFAF

EFAF Officiating gets a boost from Atlantic Cup

Part of the setup of the Atlantic Cup is to give the top local and/or less experienced EFAF officials the chance to work at EFAF level and learn from the experience. This years Atlantic Cup took place in Dudelange, Luxemburg and started for the officials with a Mini Clinic for all participating and local officials on Friday evening.

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From 19:00 hours till 22:30 hours three experienced EFAF officials (Tony
Rivers, Michael Smith and Ralph Lenoire), two of them working the Eurobowl just one week ago, shared their knowledge and experience to the attendants from five different countries (Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany).

On Saturday morning tne officals assigned for the tournament prepared together for the days to come. In a 2 hours pre-game sessions the standards and phylosophy were set how to work the tournament in a fast flowing and consistent matter.

REFEREE, Micheal Smith (IRL) and Tony Rivers (IRL)
UMPIRE, Dave Consindine (IRL) and Christhophe Geldhof (BEL)
LINESMAN, Udo Römer (GER) and Ralph Lenoire (NLD, Supervisor)
LINE JUDDGE, Joeri Bouchet (BEL) and Jan Koevoets (NLD)
BACK JUDGE, Guido Johan (GER) and Rik Storme (BEL)

Both semi finals on Saturday were filmed esspecially for the officials so
that a review by the Supervisor could help out deciding who should work the final but even more important, to point out where the officials did well or could improve for the next games.

Supervisor Ralph Lenoire: "It showed on the field on Sunday that this setup works. The officials did a very job on the semi finals and even better in the finals on Sunday."

EFAF succeeded in their goal to have more officials gain experience on EFAF level to increase the level of officiating throughout Europe.

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