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29.06.2011 EFAF

Lelystad Commanders win Atlantic Cup III

The Atlantic Cup III Tournament with clubs from this time three countries, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands, was organized on weekend July 25th and 26th by the American Football Federation of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Dragons of Dudelange. The venue took place at the J.F.Kennedy Stadium in Dudelange.

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First time in their history The Luxembourg Federation hosted a multi-national european tournament of EFAF, the governing body of American Football in Europe. In Dudelange the four teams met and first point was positive: The weather was ok on Saturday, no rain, and perfect on Sunday,

The results as following:

Saturday :
12:00 h West-Vlaanderen Tribes vs. Brussels Tigers
12:6 (12:0/0:6/0:0/0:0)

16:00 h Luxembourg Dragons vs. Lelystad Commanders
0:44 (0:14/0:8/0:6/0:16)

Sunday :
11:00 h 3rd/4th Place
Luxembourg Dragons of Dudelange vs. Brussels Tigers
14:30 (8:6/6:6/0:6/0:12)

14:30 h Final
Lelystad Commanders vs. West-Vlaanderen Tribes
47:2 (19:0/0:2/14:0/14:0)

The stadium and its tribune offered a perfect venue to
follow the game vor visitors snd the teams during the time
they were off the field and watched the game of the others.

Music, entertainment by dance-cheerleaders, stands for food and drinks as well as for football-equipment and vitamins and more offered the visitors and football enthusiasts enough possibilities around the games. The stadium speaker guided the people through the games in a fair way and with a lot of football knowledge.

So: A good athmosphere for American Football!
And everybody appreciated that.

Voices to the tournament:

Gast Schoumaker und Marc Watry, Dragons and Federation of Luxembourg:
"We are very satisfied with the tournament. It is an impulse for us to think about more American Football in Luxembourg whether it is a weekend tournament or a tournament with more clubs. The fourth place is ok, but we could have reached more. We bet ourselves in the fourth quarter against Brussels Tigers."

Benjamin Machiels, President of West-Vlaanderen Tribes
"As the winner of the first Atlantic Cup in 2009 in Belgium we planned to defend the title. But for some time it was fact, that we could travel to Luxembourg with a small cadre, about 20 players. We knew that it would be tough against Lelystad with their cadre of 36 player, but we wanted to go for it by playing by heart. It did not work the way be planned. The accomodation, hospitality and all Luxembourg did was great."

Pascal Deco, President of the Brussels Tigers
"We came here to play a good sport, first against the Tribes. We wanted, if possible, win against them and take revenge for our last defeat against them. At least we planned a close score, which we achieved with the 12 : 6 final score. The thirs place we got was the minimum we expected. I think that we can be proud about our performance here, we really did something for our image."

Eric Hagen, President of Lelystad Commanders
"Atlantic Cup 2011 Dudelange Luxembourg was a success. Not only sport-loving for us as AFL Commanders but also the compliments to Dudelange for the perfect organized event. Nice ambiance, real nice. All the players were very enthusiastic and motivated to play the first game. The win over Dudelange brought us in a winning mood. The hole team was focused and we had one goal and that is to win the Atlantic cup 2011. With full self-confidence we entered the final and we did our thing. Fully concentrated in every play we let Vlaanderen Tribes prospectless. We were a little bit disappointed with our passing game but our running game was unstoppable.
Our best play was the running back screen in the 3rd quarter. The result was a 75 yard touchdown with perfect blocking of the o-line and a running back which was following his blockers patiently. Besides winning the Atlantic Cup 2011 our running back Sidney Kunst won the Offensive MVP."

Please read the release, already published, about the Officials Mini Clinic in Dudelange.

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