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EFAF and Eurosport to enhance TV exposure of American Football

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TV coverage of american football in Europe will reach new levels this year, as EFAF has successfully engaged in talks with the Eurosport group in recent months to enhance the European-wide exposure of the sports on the screen. Eurosport already provided live coverage of some of last year's European american football highlights: the German-Japan Bowl at Dusseldorf at Duesseldorf and the European Championships final game at Frankfurt were aired on Eurosport 2 and thus available for viewers throughout Europe as well as the Asia pacific region. As positive feedback from TV audiences was received, the Paris-based Eurosport group was determined to further intensify its partnership with EFAF and to broadcast even more games in 2011.

So currently seven games have been or are scheduled to be broadcasted by Eurosport 2 this year: three national championship games and four games of the upcoming IFAF World Cup in Austria (July 8 to 16). The series of championship games on Eurosport 2 started with the French final for the „Casque de Diamant“ between La Courneuve Flash and Grenoble Centaures on June 18. Viewers throughout Europe enjoyed a spectacular game with the Flash winning a record-ninth French championship by a score of 45-27. Further live broadcasts are scheduled for the Finnish Maple Bowl on August 20 at Helsinki and the German Bowl on October 8 at Magdeburg, the two national championship games with the longest tradition in Europe.

At the upcoming World Cup in Austria Eurosport 2 will compliment ORF's already ambitious plans to provide more TV exposure to the World Cup than ever before. In its role as Austria's national public TV channel ORF is focussed especially on the games of the Austrian national team and the finals at Vienna's prestigious Ernst-Happel-Stadium. So EFAF was able to establish Eurosport as a second TV broadcasting partner for the event. Eurosport 2 will broadcast four of the six group games at Innsbruck, featuring all three games of reigning European champion Germany (July 8, 10 and 12) and additionally the crucial game between the USA and Mexico, which most probably will have crucial impact on the decision on the World Cup finalist from this group and together with the preceeding Germany-Australia game will provide a „double header“ broadcast on Eurosport 2 on July 12.

While all of the games aired by Eurosport 2 are organised by the respective national federations or IFAF for the World Cup games, their way onto the TV screens of Europe was pathed by EFAF. The Eurosport group is a true international venture, broadcasting to 59 countries in 20 different languages. To build up a long-term partnership with Eurosport or other potential international media or business partners requires a joint effort of similar supranational nature on the administration side of the sports. Thus EFAF intends to further assist the various national federations in connecting with Eurosport or other partners and will discuss the possibilities for future TV broadcasts of national championship or national team games on Eurosport or Eurosport 2 with representatives of the member federations during the next months.

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