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London Blitz


30.06.2011 London Blitz

Preview Blitz EFAF Cup Final in London

The EFAF Cup Final 2011 will be played next Saturday on July 2nd, kickoff 3pm local time in London, Finsbury Park. Despite some question marks the expected gameday can be realized. Questions about the date rised up due to the visa duty for citzens of Serbia for entering GB. All issues were solved in time.

London Blitz could not be stopped
(c) Amsterdam Crusaders
London Blitz could not be stopped
(c)Amsterdam Crusaders

London Blitz host Kragujevac Wild Boars the EFAF Cup Final this Saturday in the first European final on British soil since the mid 90's. The EFAF Cup Final is a first for both teams who will no doubt both be gunning for victory. Both teams are domestic champions and know that they are representing their counties and federations as well as their clubs.

A bumper turnout is expected at Finsbury Park, North London for the game which has attracted national media exposure. The game is being shot by broadcaster Sky Sports and will be shown at a later date.

Both clubs are making huge commitments for the Final. The Wild Boars are undertaking the huge journey from Serbia to the UK by coach and due to the amateur status of the UK game all the British players and coaches are helping to finance the final. All of the hardwork by both organisations will make the Final even sweeter for all involved on the day.

The teams are also indebted to BAFA and EFAF for their efforts in making sure that the visitors were granted visas in time for the game.

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