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22.07.2011 EFAF

Györ Sharks successful again on european level

The Győr Sharks win in Central-European Interleague Final 2011.
This EFAF competition was created based on the Challenge-Cup, founded two years before and was organized in 2011 by the Hungarian Federation. Clubs from 3 countries participated, Austria, Hungary and Serbia. First there is a report about the final followed by a general league information.

Flying Shark
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BUDAPEST - The Panchevo Panthers and the Győr Sharks played the CEI Final in record temperatures this past weekend in the Hungarian capital. Despite the heat the two teams put up a fierce battle with the Serbs tying the game at the end of the fourth quarter and the Sharks eventually winning on an overtime touchdown.

Probably both the heat and the stake of playing in the final had an effect on the offenses in the early stages of the game with Panthers QB Ivan Kosanovic throwing interception to Bálint Macher (DB) and Sharks RB Dániel Hegedüs fumbling the ball shortly after to be recovered by Panchevo. The Panthers seemed well prepared for Győr's strong running game lining up with five defensive lineman aided by three linebackers resulting in no points in the first period.

Scoring opened up in the second quarter with Sharks FB Ferenc Schwarz punching in his first TD of the day to be followed by Győr's quick feet QB Dávid Gallai's 44 yard touchdown scramble. Panchevo relied more on their passing attack, Kosanovich connected with Zoran Todorovich and Milivoj Vojteh for touchdowns to make it 14-13 for the Sharks before halftime.

Schwarz ran for his second touchdown in the third and from here on the Sharks had numerous chances to put the game away but the heat seemed to take a toll on their players with their drives being stopped on mistakes each time. The momentum started to shift towards the Panthers who capitalized on the Hungarians' meltdown scoring yet an other pass TD with Ivan Ilijevski catching Kosanovic's 17 yard toss. With two points down the Panchevo coaches opted to go with the conversion with Vojteh's grab tying the game at 21.

The Panthers won the coin toss and marched down to Győr's redzone before being stopped on a 4&2. The Sharks took over and Ferenc Schwarz proved to be unstoppable yet again scoring his 3rd touchdown and amassing 175 yards total.

The Sharks won their first international title in their history while the Panthers proved to be worthy opponents for one of the best teams in Hungary. The players from the two teams celebrated together at the awards ceremony where the CEI trophy was presented by László Tóth, president of the Hungarian federation, Dejan Sahovic, ambassador of the Serbian Republic to Hungary and Pál Szekeres, vice secretary of state from the Youth and Sports Ministry of Hungary.

Gábor Boda, Sharks defensive coordinator:
“We fought a tougher than expected battle with a great opponent. Our running game brought what it had to and our defense was satisfactory for most of the game. We are happy that after such an exciting finish we won the trophy.”

Predrag Durlic Vujiv, Panthers head coach:
“We lost to a great team and we are only a little bit sad. Our team is still young and I'm convinced that if we played this match again we would win. The extreme heat didn't help our players but of course the home team had the same conditions.”

Győr Sharks – Panchevo Panthers 27-21 (0-0, 14-13, 7-0, 0-8, XT: 7-0)
BVSC Stadium, Budapest
MVP: Ferenc Schwarz (FB Győr, 170 yards, 3 TD)

by Márton Iványi


In 2011 the EFAF - CEI International League played with the teams listed next in the following way. Six teams from three countries were fighting for the EFAF recognized tournament, organized by the Hungarian Federation.

St. Pölten Invaders - Austria
Beograd Blue Dragons - Serbia
Klek Knights - Serbia (2010 EFAF Challenge Cup Champion)
PANCHEV Panthers - Serbia
Budapest Cowboys - Hungary
Gyõr Sharks - Hungary (2009 EFAF Challenge Cup 2nd place)

Semi-finals were played by:
1st match Beograd Blue Dragons vs. PANCHEV Panthers - winner PANCHEV Panthers
2nd match Gyõr Sharks vs. Budapest Cowboys - winner Gyõr Sharks

Home Team: Gyõr Sharks
Visiting team: PANCHEV Panthers

The following link presents to you the results of the CEI:


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