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03.05.2013 Thonon Les Baines

Thonon Black Panthers getting Hospitalet Pioners

Thonon vs Bologna Doves 2009
(c) EFAF
Thonon vs Bologna Doves 2009

This Saturday at the Joseph Moynat stadium had held the first match of the EFAF Cup of the season for the Black Panthers, who was getting the Hospitalet Pioners.

The stands were full (1250 persons) despite the bad weather that was back. Thonon is starting in offence suite has a very good kick off return by Maxence Gaudet #33 (70 yds).

A few plays later, the Panthers go into the end zone on the ground through Stephen Yepmo #24. The Hospitalet Pioners will soon replicate and score by a pass for a TD fairly quickly.

After that, Blacks force their powerful running game and in the pouring rain, the passing game of the Spanish never really develops.

The drives keep coming, and Thonon totally dominate the subject. The second half will look like the first, and the final whistle sounded with a 56 to 14 final score for the Panthers.


· Stephan Neville #21 (WB) run

· Stephen Yepmo #24 (RB) 4 TD runs

· Christian Codemo #7 (WR) run

· Alex Thomas #10 (RB) Run

· Hugo Bertrand # 8 (CB) on interception return

· Oktay Tulan #12 (K) 6 XP

· Dimitri Kiernan #22 (RB) 2 points conversion by Franck Galvin #4
Group A
Thonon Black Panthers567221413
L´Hospitalet Pioners146800

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