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24.11.2014 AFVD

GFL International helps to educate coaches

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The German Football League (GFL) is the leading league in American football in Europe, Germany fields current Eurobowl champion and is reigning European champion on national teams levels. But sports thrives on competition, thus it is no surprise that GFL not only is working on its own development, but also focusses on the development of American football in Europe as a whole. GFL International is the program in which the league bundles its activities in international cooperation, and a key point is helping in the education of coaches in other European countries.

This requires on-site efforts, especially in those countries where American football is just developing and most of the local coaches can not afford to attend coaching clinics abroad let alone overseas. That is why GFL International offers to hold its coaching clinics in the countries where the coaches work and live, with expenses for the speakers' journey to the clinic's site covered by GFL International. National federations interested in holding such clinics only would have to take care of the local organisation of the event and lodging for the instructors.

The clinics series on behalf of GFL International is overseen by Paul Vincent Miraval, who acts as primary speaker in the clinics as well. Miraval looks back on a successful career as a player and a coach in France. French National championships in 1990 and 1991 as a player were followed by four national titles in 1992, 1995, 1998 and 1999, when Miraval had turned to coaching. Miraval always had a special interest in the developmental work needed to build long-term-successful football programs, he was the French federation's Technical Advisor and Head Coach of the junior national team in the 2000s, when the French Team won European Junior Championships in 2004 and 2006. Miraval not only knows how to coach American football, he also knows how to coach it in Europe with all the special difficulties associated with this. For GFL International and Miraval one of the key features in the clinics is that European coaches will be adressed by a fellow European, who is familiar with the local situation.

American Football is a sophisticated game, not only does the game feature complex strategy and tactics, but also quite a lot of administrative efforts and of course the special ethic responsiblity regarding injury prevention and other health issues. All these topics are addressed in GFL International's coaching clinics. There are two different clinic levels, both feature a weekend-long agenda in the classroom and on the practice field as well. Basics and fundamentals are covered, with a special emphasis on tackling and blocking to address proper injury prevention techniques. Football drills, equipment issues, the whole organisation of a season (including off-season workouts) or gameday preparation also are discussed in each of the clinics. And of course there will be lots of reading material and documentation attending coaches will be able to take home.

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