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24.04.2017 IFAF Europe

Flag Football European Championships 2017

Statement about the Hosting Allocation Decision

IFAF Europe CA Logo
(c) IFAF Europe
IFAF Europe CA Logo
(c)IFAF Europe

IFAF Europe Continental Association has the aim and the interests to promote the sport of American Football on European sole.

Part of this is the organization of the national team tournaments such as the Flag Football European Championships 2017 in Spain, the U19 European Championships 2017 with qualifying tournaments in Belgrade (Serbia) and Almere (The Netherlands) and the final tournament in Paris (France). IFAF Europe CA is ensuring the proper carrying out of all national tournaments. Which is a great achievement within less than half a year of its existence.

By message dated March 6, 2017 the IFAF Europe CA Managing Committee informed that the 2017 edition of the Flag Football European Championships consisting of one female and one male tournament was awarded to FEFA (Spain American Football Federation).

This decision was taken by the Managing Committee of IFAF Europe CA after it was not possible to reach any agreement with CAAF (Czech Association of American Football) until that date.

CAAF did not confirm any intention to host and organize the tournament in 2017. Therefore the Managing Committee had consequently selected FEFA as host on February 15, 2017.

We are now looking forward to experience great European Championships in Spain!

European Federation of American Football