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Samsung Frankfurt Universe wins BIG6 premiere

38:12 against Seamen Milano


The Samsung Frankfurt Universe have successfully made their debut in the BIG6 and defeated the Seamen Milano with 38:12 (21:0/3:6/7:0/7:6).

The German team laid the foundation for the first success in the highest European game class in front of 5,016 spectators at the Frankfurter Volksbank Stadium already in the first quarter, which they clearly won 21:0.

Already after two minutes the numerous fans cheered the first touchdown for the host, after running back Silas Nacita stormed with a 51-yard run into the opposing end zone.

It went on furious. When the Seamen lost the ball in their first offensive play, the Universe took an excellent position at the 23-yard line of the Italians. The hosts took advantage directly with a touchdown pass from Mike Wegzyn to André Feuerherdt.

The third touchdown in the first quarter was achieved by wide receiver David Giron after a 42-yard pass from Wegzyn.

In the second quarter, the Italians also came to their first points. Although the Seamen missed a fieldgoal attempt, the Italian came after a fumble in their next attack sequence to a touchdown from wide receiver Reece Horn, who was served excellent from quarterback Luke Zahradka. The extra point, however, failed.

Shortly before the half time kicker Rene Möll increased the lead of Frankfurt with a food field goal attempt to 24:6.

In the third quarter the hosts scored again. After a good punt fake and a resulting new first down, running back Sean Richard ran a few plays later into the end zone. Möll shot a good PAT to a 31:6-lead.

The last quarter of the game brought points for the Seamen again. With a fourth attempt, shortly before the end zone, Zahradka found his defensive back Paul Morant, who had been converted to a receiver, for a touchdown. The following 2-point-conversion was prevented by Frankfurt´s Tyler Stoddard, so the Universe led with 31:12.

The final score was done by the reigning EFL champion again. After a short pass from Wegyzn, David Giron entered the goal line for the second time. Möll also shot his extra point trough the goal posts for a clearly 38:12 victory.

Before the final game of the group, in which the Samsung Frankfurt Universe must compete at the Berlin Rebels, all three teams still have the chance to enter the final of the BIG6, the Eurobowl XXXI.

Tony Addona, headcoach Seamen Milano: "It was a good football game. We had a bad start and we always had to go behind. But I do not want to diminish the performance of Frankfurt, they have a great team and will hopefully represent our group in the future. "

Markus Grahn, head coach Samsung Frankfurt Universe: "Milan was the strong opponent we expected. Of course, the first played helped us a lot. But we are not yet through. We still have a hard game in Berlin next week.. "

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