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25.05.2004 Avedere Monarchs

NFA Monarchs lose against Chrysler Vikings

The team from Vienna could prove the role as one of the absolut top-favorites of 2004 Eurobowl tournament. Nethertheless the Danish Champion showed, that top danish football is on the right track. Playing against the best teams in Europe gives experience and shows the things still to improve.

On the run
(c) NFA Monarchs

Vienna Vikings at NFA Monarchs
Saturday the 22nd of May 2004

In front of 300 spectators Chrysler Vienna Vikings beat the Danish champions NFA Monarchs 34 – 7. NFA Monarchs could not stop the Vienna Vikings impressive football team. The game was played in Roskilde in typically Danish spring weather with both rain-showers and blue sky. Despite the, at times, very poor weather, the game was played in good spirit, and the two teams really gave the spectators a high quality game.

It was clear from the beginning that Chrysler Vienna Vikings had not come to Denmark unprepared, and they were certainly ready to play football at a very high level. However the Vikings had to work hard and had to rely on individual performances to secure the win.

The Monarchs offence had a hard time moving the ball on the fast Vikings defence and the Vikings offence showed why the Austrian team is ranked no. 1 in Europe. With an amazing aerial attack the Vikings opened up the field very well, and gave the young Danish defence a hard time. Especially Vikings QB #4 Shawn Olson and WR #18 Luke Atwood were impressive in the first half. The only upside in the first half for the Monarchs was an amazing interception by standout cornerback #24 Michael Meyer shortly before halftime.

The second half almost turned into a one-man show by Vikings #18 Luke Atwood who had replaced #4 Shawn Olson at halftime as QB. Shawn Olson had to leave the game with a broken arm. The Monarchs defence had a very difficult time stopping #18 Luke Atwood when he took off down the field with the ball. The Vikings offence controlled the gameclock well and gave the Danish champions little chance to get back into the ballgame.

Late in the second half young Danish back up QB #8 Jacob Kähler threw a long pass down the left side of the field which was caught by #13 Martin Vester who ran the ball into the endzone for the only Monarchs touchdown on the day.

Jacob Holm
NFA Monarchs

Monarchs Game total Vikings
7 Points scored 34
135 Total offense 367
105 Passing 148
30 Rushing 219
2 1st downs 11
1-11 3rd conv 1-8
0-0 4rd conv 1-1
5 Turnover forced 3
4 Tournover lost 4

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