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31.05.2004 Badalona Drags

Badalona Drags march into semifinals

Badalona is second time in row in the Eurobowl Semifinals after 2003. They meet the winner of Graz/Bergamo. The 2004 Semifinals are played on weekend 12th and 13th of June. One Semifinal is already fixed: On June 13th Chrysler Vienna Vikings play at home against Moscow Patriots, Kickoff 3pm.

Badalona wents to the semifinals after a win against Landquart.
(c) Badalona Drags
Badalona wents to the semifinals after a win against Landquart.
(c)Badalona Drags


» Drags beat Broncos and go straight to Eurobowl 2004 semifinals

42 7

2º TD Christian Llitjós 2º TD David Korsun
XP Jesús Angoy XP Hanspeter Wittwer
TD Jervon Walton
XP Jesús Angoy
TD Christian Llitjós
XP Jesús Angoy
TD Jervon Walton
XP Jesús Angoy
3º TD Che Johnson
XP Jesús Angoy
TD Che Johnson
XP Jesús Angoy

The Badalona Drags has been able to put again in the semifinals of the Eurobowl.

The game that began to the 17,00 hours and disputed in the Estadi del Centenari, that is becoming the seat of the great encounter of the Badalona Drags.

The first quarter served as a previous rough estimate as both squares. First drive offensive of the Rough ones finished in field goal failed of 45 yards.

Drags could not do nothing in attack during the first quarter until, in the beginnings of the second quarter Carlos Ortuño was able to break through the Swiss defense with a race of 40 yards of the Mexican QB who located to those of Badalona in yard 23 of the Rough ones. After a race of Jervon Walton, the QB Carlos Ortuño connected happens with the WR Christian Llitjós that released the marker with first touchdown of the game. Jesus Angoy turned the extra point. In the first play of attack of the Landquart Rough, after the annotation of Drags, the one OF David Esteve caused a fumble on the QB Neil Hall, that had found hollow in the badalonesa defense, and Ismael Sanchez recovered the ball in the network zone of Rough. The North American RB Jervon Walton obtained touchdown with a race by the center in the first play. Angoy marked the additional point. the 14-0 for those of Badalona and Swiss equipment totally perplex and was disoriented. The attack of Landquart through passes of its QB Neil Hall towards the receiver Paul Hayes located the ball in yard 8 of the one of Drags. The American runner David Korsun wrote down only touchdown of the Rough ones. 14 to 7 in the luminous one and it seemed that the equipment visitor reacted. But the attack badalonés was conscious and returned to write down to open breach in the marker. After an excellent one it happens catched by the WR Che Johnson, the black attack and silver located to 14 yards of the rival end zone and, after being annulled touchdown of YOU Vicenç Rodriguez by interference, Christian Llitjós added its second touchdown of the game after receiving passes in the end zone of the QB Carlos Ortuño. After the extra point from Angoy, 21 to 7 in the marker. After blocking punt of Rough the LB of Drags Oscar Herbera it recovered the possession of the ball to 15 yards of the zone of annotation. The attack badalonés did not pardon and the RB Jervon Walton wrote down thanks to a lateral race. Angoy wrote down its room extra point. The marker reflected 28 to 7 for those of Badalona, thus the rest, and complicaba in excess the possibilities of the Swiss would have left.

The group “Diables of Badalona” it did an exhibition of artifice fires and “correfoc” typical of Catalunya that it entertained and it made enjoy to the public during the average part.

After the renewal, Drags was dedicated to control the game. The badalonesa defense was excellent and it did not have too many problems to maintain the square of the Rough ones to 0. Near the end of the third quarter, after punt of distance of Rough, the WR Che Johnson returned for touchdown. The point of extra of Angoy located the marker in 35 to 7 for those of Badalona. In the following attack of those of house, already in the last quarter, the Mexican QB Carlos Ortuño connected passes with the WR Che Johnson who obtained this way to their personal second touchdown. Angoy sealed the marker with his sixth extra point and left the luminous one in 42 to 7, in the end, the final result. A game without excessive complications for those of Badalona that emphasized by fair play of both equipment within the game land.
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