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01.06.2004 Graz Giants

Bergamo beats ÖKO-BOX Graz

The game was open till halftime two, before the Lions could decide the game. The third quarter was finished and the Lions lead 28:21. Bergamo will play on weekend June 12th/13th at home against the winner of the Division 3, the new and old Spanish Champion Badalona Drags.

No one can stop me
(c) Graz Giants
No one can stop me
(c)Graz Giants

ÖKO-BOX Graz Giants vs. Bergamo Lions

Giants strong but Bergamo even stronger

In front of more than 1600 spectators in Graz-Eggenberg the Öko-Box Graz Giants
showed a strong performance but lost 21-49 (14^-21) to the Bergamo Lions.

While the European Football Legue is now over for the Öko-Box Graz Giants the
Bergamo Lions have qualified for the semi-final where they will meet the
Badalona Drags.

The Giants started well and did let the Lions break away. Especially young Graz
WR Armando Ponce de Leon created problems for the italian backfield. The Lions
which offense had ino Bucciol back in the lineup coming back from an injury
that sidelined him for the last three games impressed with srong running game.

Lead by the strong US-RB Keath Bartynski who scored five times and was voted
Game MVP, the Lions took the lead.

Halftime score was 14-21.

The game was decided in the second halftime. In the first drive the Giants
marched down to the Lions 40 yard line the field in great manner but were then
stopped by a facemask-penalty. From that point on the drive backfired. Another
penalty and a sack on Giants QB Adam Lane put the Giants in bad position - 3 &
41. Giants center Christian Knes, who broke his thumb earlier, then had a bad
snap that was recovered by the Italians on the Giants 1 yard line. Of course
that lead to a Keath Bartynski-TD that established a Bergamo lead by two

"We had two drive-killing penalties in the third quarter. That really hurt us."
Giants WR/RB Martin Grassegger said.

From that point on the Giants offense was well-controled by the Lions defense
which had made some adjustments in halftime.

Keath Bartynski was voted game MVP with five Touchdowns and 222 yards rushing.

Full stats are aviable at http://www.afboe.at/stats/efl/4508.HTM

Date: May 30, 2004 Site: Graz

Stadium: ASKOE Eggenberg
Attendance: 1621

Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
----------------- -- -- -- -- -----
Bergamo Lions....... 14 7 7 21 - 49
Graz Giants......... 14 0 7 0 - 21

Scoring Summary:

1st 10:04 LIO - Maurizio Barbotti 7 yd pass from Dino Bucciol
(Marone Ezio kick)
4 plays, 80 yards, TOP 1:56, LIO 7 - GIA 0
07:29 GIA - A.Ponce de Leon 31 yd pass from Adam Lane
(Roland Horn kick)
5 plays, 73 yards, TOP 2:29, LIO 7 - GIA 7
06:22 LIO - Keath Bartynski 49 yd run (Marone Ezio kick)
3 plays, 72 yards, TOP 1:02, LIO 14 - GIA 7
03:46 GIA - Martin Grassegger 7 yd run (Roland Horn kick)
5 plays, 63 yards, TOP 2:29, LIO 14 - GIA 14

2nd 10:57 LIO - Keath Bartynski 4 yd run (Marone Ezio kick)
12 plays, 64 yards, TOP 4:37, LIO 21 - GIA 14

3rd 08:44 LIO - Keath Bartynski 1 yd run (Marone Ezio kick)
1 play, 1 yard, TOP 0:04, LIO 28 - GIA 14
02:00 GIA - Martin Grassegger 1 yd run (Roland Horn kick)
11 plays, 74 yards, TOP 6:38, LIO 28 - GIA 21

4th 11:47 LIO - Keath Bartynski 4 yd run (Marone Ezio kick)
6 plays, 38 yards, TOP 2:03, LIO 35 - GIA 21
10:28 LIO - Alessandro Ummarino 1 yd run (Marone Ezio kick)
3 plays, 21 yards, TOP 0:59, LIO 42 - GIA 21
01:55 LIO - Alessandro Ummarino 2 yd run (Marone Ezio kick)
3 plays, 9 yards, TOP 1:13, LIO 49 - GIA 21

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