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07.06.2004 Tyrolean Raiders

Innsbrucks great performance against London O´s

It was the day of the Papa Joe´s Tyrolean Raiders and certainly not the one of the O´s. The 2004 winning come back of London, one of the best clubs of the midst 90´s, into the european football scenery was finished in Innsbruck. Nethertheless it was an experience for the young english team.

Florian Grein on his way against Stockholm Mean Machine
(c) Tyrolean Raiders
Florian Grein on his way against Stockholm Mean Machine
(c)Tyrolean Raiders

Papa Joe's Tyrolean Raiders - London O's 49:16 (21:0; 21:0; 7:0; 0:16)
2.500 spectators, Tivoli Stadium new

Raiders back to back EFAF Cup finalists
For the second time in a row the Papa Joe's Tyrolean Raiders made it to EFAF Cup finals. A clear 49:16 victory over the London O's, Englisch champion in the past eight years, was achieved in front of 2.500 spectators when the Raiders put on 42 unanswered points on the scoreboard by halftime.

Chris Rosier MVP
Papa Joe's Tyrolean Raiders utility-player Chris Rosier (WR on offense, Safety on defense) was named MVP, after catching 6 passes for 84 yards, including two TD-receptions and two interceptions on defense. "Oh boy, I am so happy my parents flew in from DC for this game and then I have just a great, great game," Rosier states after the game. At halftime Raiders manager Daniel Dieplinger met Chris' parents and kindly asked them if it was possible for them to come again for the finals....

Good first half
The London O's were resitant the first two drives but once Chris Rosier caught a 33 yard TD pass 5 minutes to play in the first quarter, the ban was broken. In the next drive Raides Running Back Florian Grein ran a 10 yarder, 32 seconds before 2nd quater Chris Rosier caught his second TD of the day for 19 yards - 21:0 after 1st quarter.

In the second quarter it was Raiders receiver Aaron David who caught a pair of TD passes for 28 and 40 yards and Running Back Forian Grein again who scored on a 19 yard run, leading by 42:0 at halftime. In the third quarter it was verteran receiver Dr. Benjamin Dieplinger who had a 17 yard TD reception putting a 49:0 on the scoreboard. After that basically all Raiders starters left the field and gave the backups playing time. The O's never gave up in this game and were able to make 16 points in the fourth quarter.

QB and Defense sharp
"Not only did our scorers have a good game, it was QB Buffum with a 73% completion rate and 5 TDs, an oline that protected well and a defense led by LB Mario Rinner (6 Tackles) that did not allow a London score until they were pulled out of the game," Raiders Manager Daniel Dieplinger was satisfied after the game.

EFAF Cup finals on June 25th
The EFAF Cup finals will be hosted by the Papa Joe's Tyrolean Raiders, it will be a Friday night game, played on June 25th at 19.30h. It will be broadcasted live on national TV (http://www.tw1.at/) and can be watched online. Since the opponents are the Personal Assurance Knights, it will be a rematch of last years Friday-Night game.

Gamepictures online
Online under http://football.tirol4you.at/
Click on the article "Freibeuter hebeln London O's aus" and then click on "Bilder-Galerie" and you will see a whole galeryof one of the most professional sports pictures of Europan American Football. Another picture series is linked at the bottom of the article under seitenblicke.tirol4you.at. Go to "Football-Mania, Volume 4" and click on "Bilder-Galerie".

RUSHING: London O`s-R.Williams 11-64; C.Seale-Mcconni 8-31; C.Palumbo 2-4;
C.Price 1-minus 1; S.Franklin 3-minus 7. Tyrolean Raiders-F.Grein 24-128;
C.Erhart 3-10; A.Hoheneder 7-8; G.Burns 1-5; B.Ballard 1-minus 1;
B.Dieplinger 1-minus 5; G.Buffum 1-minus 11.

PASSING: London O`s-S.Franklin 12-32-2-112. Tyrolean Raiders-G.Buffum
11-15-0-182; B.Ballard 0-4-0-0.

RECEIVING: London O`s-C.Palumbo 4-53; C.Price 3-17; B.Smith 2-20;
K.Henderson 1-10; R.Williams 1-9; M.Coppinger 1-3. Tyrolean Raiders-C.Rosier
6-84; A.David 3-70; B.Dieplinger 1-17; V.Skradski 1-11.

INTERCEPTIONS: London O`s-None. Tyrolean Raiders-C.Rosier 2-21.

FUMBLES: London O`s-S.Franklin 1-1; C.Seale-Mcconni 1-1. Tyrolean
Raiders-B.Dieplinger 1-0.

SACKS (UA-A): London O`s-None. Tyrolean Raiders-M.Rinner 1-0; G.Burns 1-0.

TACKLES (UA-A): London O`s-TEAM 10-0; K.Okpoti 6-1; F.Hatesha 4-1; A.Alexis
3-2; T.Newton 2-2; P.Evens 2-2; L.Reid 2-0; D.Anderson 1-2; S.Conte 1-1; 34
1-0; G.Thomas 1-0; C.Price 1-0; M.Fasulo 1-1; W.Roach 0-2. Tyrolean
Raiders-M.Rinner 5-2; T.Eitzenberger 5-0; Team Raiders 4-0; G.Burns 3-2;
B.Ballard 3-1; J.Dieplinger 3-1; C.Rosier 2-2; F.Grein 2-0; F.Seirer 2-0;
V.Skradski 2-0; B.Hoertnagl 1-0; C.Plangger 1-1; M.Rabl 1-0; T.Schneider
1-0; A.Trconic 1-0; M.Falger 0-2; F.Ganarin 0-1.

Scoring Summary:
1st 05:50 RAI - C.Rosier 33 yd pass from G.Buffum (J.Schnellrieder kick), 10-75 3:59, LON 0 - RAI 7
01:49 RAI - F.Grein 10 yd run (J.Schnellrieder kick), 1-10 0:04, LON 0 - RAI 14
00:32 RAI - C.Rosier 19 yd pass from G.Buffum (J.Schnellrieder kick), 1-19 0:05, LON 0 - RAI 21
2nd 10:33 RAI - A.David 28 yd pass from G.Buffum (J.Schnellrieder kick), 5-46 1:41, LON 0 - RAI 28
04:11 RAI - F.Grein 19 yd run (J.Schnellrieder kick), 9-70 5:04, LON 0 - RAI 35
01:02 RAI - A.David 40 yd pass from G.Buffum (J.Schnellrieder kick), 5-51 1:48, LON 0 - RAI 42
3rd 08:32 RAI - B.Dieplinger 17 yd pass from G.Buffum (J.Schnellrieder kick), 6-49 0:00, LON 0 - RAI 49
4th 05:04 LON - C.Price 5 yd pass from S.Franklin (M.Coppinger rush), 1-5 0:00, LON 8 - RAI 49
00:27 LON - C.Seale-Mcconni 6 yd run (M.Coppinger pass from S.Franklin), 9-67 1:39, LON 16 - RAI 49

Papa Joe's Tyrolean Raiders
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