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04.07.2004 EFAF

Dutch Champion 2004: Amsterdam Crusaders

Arnhem, July 3rd: The 2004 Tulip Bowl, the Dutch Championship, was played in Arnhem. Amsterdam Crusaders beat Hilversum Hurricanes 20:6 in front of close to 350 people. The Dutch Junior Bowl was also won by the Amsterdam club against the Arnhem Falcons by 22:18. So two reasons to party on one day.

Champion of the Netherlands 2003
(c) Amsterdam Crusaders
Champion of the Netherlands 2003
(c)Amsterdam Crusaders


The Amsterdam Crusaders did dominate this final. Hilversum did divide his players in 2004 season into two teams. Due to some injuries during the season the Hurricanes could show up in the final with a small cadre of about 20 players; no chance against the Crusaders, which had a team of more than 40 people. 14:0 was the halftime score. In the second half the clubs both scored one time, 6:6, the extrapoints failed. Amsterdam Crusaders won the Tulip Bowl 20:6.

Much more tension was in the Junior Championship game. The Arnhem team did dominate the first halftime, winning 12:0. The second halftime showed a completely different picture. The Falcons could score only one more time, but it was the time of the Cru. 22 points in the second half were enough for a 22:18 victory and the title 2004.

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