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29.09.2004 EFAF

NFA Monarchs Danish Champion 2004

NFA Monarchs win their third title in a row in 2004 Mermaid Bowl.

On the run
(c) NFA Monarchs


On the 25th of September, a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Avedøre NFA Monarchs won its third consecutive Mermaid Bowl. In front of more than 2.000 spectators at Vanløse stadium in Copenhagen The Monarchs beat Herning Hawks 41 – 12 after leading 7 – 6 at halftime.

The first score came after only three plays of the game from Monarchs impressive receiver Martin Vester after a well executed screen pass from quarterback Martin Mikkelsen. At this point everybody believed that the Hawks were beat. However the Hawks American quarterback Ken Suhl wanted it different!! He gave the Monarchs DB’s a hard day on the field with amazing passes to his receivers and to his favourite target the 125 kg heavy TE Jesper Skånstrøm. A fieldgoal attempt by the Hawks was blocked, but the strong Hawks defense forced Monarchs to punt the ball on the ensuing drive. It only took Ken Suhl six plays to find an open receiver in the Monarchs endzone. The extra point was blocked by the fast Monarchs defense. After the two touchdowns both defenses stepped up and didn’t allow any further scoring in the half.

The second half started with a long pass from Ken Suhl to an open receiver deep in Monarchs territory, but a hard hit from CB Jacob Holm forced the receiver to fumble the ball and it was recovered by Morten “Speedy” Hejndorf who returned it to the Hawks 35 yard line. The Monarchs offensive coordinator Christopher Landqvist had made some adjustment at halftime, and from the first play of the half it was clear that the offense lead by Martin Mikkelsen knew how to beat the Hawks defense. A great pass was beautifully caught by Matin Vester in the endzone, and Monarchs was up 13 – 6. The Monarchs defense lead by LB Anders Rune Keller held the Hawks offense in place and only allowed one TD in the second half. In the fourth quarter Anders Rune Keller returned an interception 70 yards for a TD.

Young WR Kasper Riis had two TD on the day and RB Dan Böhm also had a TD to make the final score 41 – 12.

Offensive MVP: Martin Vester.
Defensive MVP: Anders Rune Keller

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