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10.10.2004 EFAF

German Champion 2004: Berlin Adler

The Berlin team did win the fifth German Championship title in Braunschweig on Saturday by 10:7 against Braunschweig Lions. 17.219
visitors did watch German Bowl XXVI in stadium Hamburger Strasse. It was the fifth time in a row, that Braunschweig lost in the German Bowl final.

Berlin Adler is German Bowl Champion 2004
(c) AFVD
Berlin Adler is German Bowl Champion 2004

Both defenses dominated the game. Three quarters without points on the scoring board said everything. In the fourth quarter the Lions, high favourite of this final game, did score first. But the Berlin team could tie. Than RB Kuci from Lions lost the ball and the Adler could use the opportunity for a fieldgoal. Remaining 25 seconds on the clock was not enough time for Braunschweig for an answer.

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