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08.11.2004 EFAF

1. German Coaching Convention February 26.- 27, 2005

(c) EFAF

The German American Football Federation (AFVD) will hold its 1. German Coaching Convention under the patronage of the EFAF and the IFAF. Scheduled date for this event is February 26 – 27, 2005 held at the Sportschule des Landessportbundes Hessen e.V. at Frankfurt am Main.

Participation is this convention is open to all coaches from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

During this convention the EFAF will also host its Coaches Development Meeting in which the National representatives responsible for the further education of coaches will meet.

With this combined event of the AFVD, EFAF and IFAF all three associations approach a new way in the developement of American Football. Through the combination of powers an attractive program for this event shall be composed.

After a first calculation the participant fee will be ranging 100 – 125 € (without overnight stay). Included in this fee are the costs fort he actual course, lunch, coffee breaks, course materials and a souvenir of the event.

The convention will be accepted by the AFVD as a further education for A-/B- and C- License Coaches of American Football.

People interested in taking part can contact the AFVD under convention @afvd.de to be marked down.

Further details will be published in the future.

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