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22.12.2004 EFAF

European School Final 2005 Tournament Information

(c) EFAF

Dear all,

With the start of the new year in all European countries, the NFL Europe and EFAF would like to take the opportunity to invite your federation to participate in the European School Final Qualifying Competitions.

2004 saw another increasing tournament. For the first time an international qualifying game between Italy and the Czech Republic had been played. More than 870 schools entered the competition and tried their best to play in the European Final at World Bowl in Gelsenkirchen.

This year again we will have 8 spots open and interest seems to rise even more. The tournament is open to entries from all EFAF member federations. If there will be more entries than spots, the 8th place ranked team will host a qualification tournament against new entries.

The European School Final will be played in two pools of four, with the teams seeded as they have been ranked in the last European School Final.

If your federation is interested in participating in the tournament, please read through the enclosed information and get in contact with us as soon as possible.

Kindest Regards,

Bernd von Lapp Roope Noronen
NFL Flag Football Manager Europe EFAF Co-coordinator ESF
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NFL Europe - German Office EFAF - European Federation of American Football
Westerbachstr. 47 60528 Frankfurt
D-60489 Frankfurt Germany
Tel: +49-(0)69-978 279 77 Tel: +358-(0)40-732 1469


Date and Venue:
June 2004 – pre-game to World Bowl 2005 (exact date and venue to be determined)
The playing surface will be Gras.

8 School Teams (to be determined). All kids from the same school.

Time Schedule:

February 1st 2005 Registration Deadline
Until end of April 2004 National School Finals
01. May 2005 Deadline for nomination of federation school team representative
May 2004 International qualifying games if necessary

Selection process:
All participating teams must be school teams (all kids from one school).
Each country has to have at least ten School teams entering the National School Final.
Deadline for federation registration is February 1st.
Participating Teams have to be nominated by the national federation in the respective EFAF member country.
The International Finalists going to the European Final have to be named no later than May 1st.
Participating federations are to participate in the EFAF Euroflag tournament 2005 to be eligible for ESF 2006.

Please note that the federation registration and nomination of the team representing your federation has to be sent to EFAF and NFL EL.
International qualifying games:
There are eight spots open for this tournament.
If more than 8 countries want to participate in the NFL Flag Football European School Final, international qualifying tournaments have to be played.
Since Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Finland, UK and Italy have participated in 2004, they will have priority in participating in 2005 (senior countries). If more than these 8 countries apply, the 8th place ranked team (UK) will host a qualification game/ tournament against new entries.

Number of Players and Gender:
Both male and female players are encouraged to participate in any Flag Football tournament (mixed teams allowed). To increase the number of girls in the flag competitions we will allow teams with female players to have 7 instead of only 6 Players. Additionally the team will be allowed to bring one male and one female coach.

Age requirement and team sizes:
To be eligible for the 2005 NFL Flag Football European School Final, players must have been born between

September 1st, 1990 – December 31st, 1993.

Teams consist of 6 players (5 on the field with 1 substitute) and one coach and may consist of 7 players (5 on the field with 2 substitutes) one male and one female coach if a female player is on the roster.
The NFL Europe League will cover all costs (traveling and accommodation) for 6 (7) players and one/two Coaches to the ESF.

The European School Final will be played with a Wilson Junior size Football only. No other Footballs will be allowed. All Footballs will be provided by the NFL Europe.

Groups and Placement:
The tournament will be played in two pools of four, with the teams seeded according to their rank in last year’s tournament.

Ranking 2004
1. Germany
2. Spain
3. Austria
4. Italy
5. Netherlands
6. France
7. Finland
8. UK

Pools 2005 (provided that all the countries participate again)

Pool A Pool B
1. Germany 2. Spain
4. Italy 3. Austria
5. Netherlands 6. France
8. UK (or new qualifier) 7. Finland

The exact process of the tournament will be determined once the overall time frame for the tournament is set.

European Federation of American Football