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16.04.2007 Dresden Monarchs

Monarchs fail in EFAF-Cup

The Dresden Monarchs also lost their second leg in the EFAF-Cup. In spite of improved performance compared to the first leg, the Saxons lost again against the titleholder Turek Graz Giants with 10:43 (0:17/7:19/0:7/3:0).

Dresden kämpft gegen Graz
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Dresden kämpft gegen Graz

But first of all the good news: 1.200 Dresdner fans proved, that both, the change of the stadium and a clear defeat doesn’t affect the good mood. It’s impressive how people ignored the score consequently and cheered their team all out. Respect!

Also the clear improved performance of the team should be marked positively. The offense lived on the impressive agility of “interims”-quarterback Kim Kuci, who was often hunted by the Graz defense, but never kissed the dust. Remarkable is also the improved running game. The team play of Lukas Wetzel with his men in front ran better over the course of the game.

But never the less the game starts as same as the game in Graz the week before.

Dresden firstly nervous and without luck – the titleholder confident and effective. After two drives the 0:7 for Graz. Christian Kranz caught a 15 yard touchdown-pass by Thomas Ricks - Christoph Kipperer with the PAT. Martin Grasseger increased the score a short time later by run to 0:14. Kipperer finished the first quarter with a 36 yard field goal – final score first quarter 0:17. Until that moment the Monarchs didn’t come into play. Kim Kucis passes didn’t reached the receivers and the running game didn’t run and the Dresden defense got in trouble with the Graz pass-game. The guests scored again two times. After the change of ends Darwin Lewis used a carelessness and ran about 60 yards to touchdown number 3. Short time later Martin Grasseger increased the score again – 0:30.

But now the Dresden Monarchs woke up. Especially the offense was gather momentum. The meed: the first Dresden touchdown by Lukas Wetzel (PAT Hempel 7:30). The audience saw a well worth seeing drive before the final run into the end-zone. Fast first downs were made by Chris Schöwe and Rene Horschig by caught passes and Lukas Wetzel by run.

Also the Dresden defense set now the Giants more and more under pressure, but couldn’t avoid a next touchdown – a 60 yard run by Quarterback Thomas Ricks. Score to halftime 7:36.

After the break Darwin Lewis made the next touchdown (7:43). After that the Graz coaches sent their second guard on the field. The Dresden defense now had an easier game.

A 36 yard field goal by Eugen Nagel was the last highlight in a never the less well worth seeing game.

Until the start into the GFL season the Monarchs still have two weeks. The problems have been pointed out but the little positive details should bolster to practise on their problems consequently. For sure we’ll see another Dresden Monarchs team in Schwäbisch Hall at the 28th of April.

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