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Bergamo Lions
(c) Bergamo Lions


03.05.2007 Bergamo Lions


No surprises last saturday in the Stadium of Osio Sotto Bergamo , the Bergamo Lions had easy reason of the Spanish Champions Valencia Firebats , the game was under Lions controll since the first Kickoff when the american Rb Steven Stokes will rerturn the ball directly in TD after a 72 yards rush.

Bergamo Lions win against Valencia Firebats
(c) Bergamo Lions
Bergamo Lions win against Valencia Firebats
(c)Bergamo Lions


LIONS BERGAMO – VALENCIA FIREBATS 41 : 8 ( 14:0/7:0/7:0/13:8)

Bergamo showed a very balanced team with many good plays on both side of the ball, in offence Rb Steven Stokes and Qb Donald Allen showed to the 400’s spectators theirs great ability to run the ball and both of them scored 3 TD each , 5 TD on 6 with good extra point scored by Bergamo Lions’s kicher Ezio Marone.

In defence very good performance of the ex Nfl Lb Andre Sommersell that also maked one interceptions , the other one for Bergamo was maked from the Fs Davide Donnini, but all starter defence played good stopped all Spanish plays , only in the 4th quarter with all young Lions’s defence players on the field Valencia obteneid the satisfaction to score theirs 8 points.

The totale offence speak very clear : 345 yard for Bergamo , 162 yards for FireBats, Valencia arrived on the field with a short number of players but had opposite a good resistence to theirs stronger opponents but the difference on the field was too big for the Spanish team ,for Firebats good perfomances from the english Rb Sutherland and the mexican Qb Oscar Jimenez .

And now Bergamo Lions will go to Innsbruck next 12nd of may to play a knockout game against one of the best team in Europe to get the chanche to play the 8th Eurobowl semifinal of Bergamo Lions history.
Game statistics :

Total Offence :

Lions Bergamo 345 yards ( 97 pass , 248 run)
Valencia FireBats 162 yards ( 77 pass, 85 run)

Rush :

Stokes (Lions ) 8 carriers for 65 yards 1 TD

Allen (Lions) 10 carriers for 93 yards 3 TD

Ghislandi (Lions) 7 carriers for 49 yards

Sutherland (FireBats) 17 carriers for 83 yards

Pass :

Allen (Lions ) 10-6-97y- 1int

Jimenez (Firebats) 21-10-77y-2int

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