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04.05.2007 Madrid Osos

Osos could not handle the Blue Devils

Osos Rivas could not handle the Cineplexx Blue Devils where the rain made its appearance in a never seen thunderstorm, which provoqued a 30 minute delay at the initial kick off.

Madrid was stopped by Blue Devils
(c) Madrid Osos
Madrid was stopped by Blue Devils
(c)Madrid Osos

Anyways, the power of nautre could not stop the beginning of this type of games and not saying that held a tremendous wish all year long. The team made a big event to receive a very good and potential rival, the Osos thought they could have a better day and play a 1 to 1 game against the Blue Devils, which it reflected in the final score. Although it could only count with one of its imports which would also have made an important player on the field on deffense. We do want to mention the extraordinary effort and work made during the whole match made by the Osos player, Pirnce Floyd (# 68).

During Osos' first drive could make up their running game, which resulted in a high percentage of possesion and resulting in advancing yardage. Although the lack of precission in its passes and the penalties made the Osos not get into the field goal area, making the team punt. Blue Devils on the other hand started their first posession in good field position. A good run from their running back brought its team to the Osos 5 yard line, but the defense made a good job to stop the atack and made them convert their drive in a field goal. Osos went back to their possesion but Blue Devils' deffensive line made an impressive attack holidng the Osos offense, which made them make a second punt. An Austrian foul gave over a first down to Osos which had a second opportunity to advance. And they did, but a fumble gave again the possession to the Austrians. The Blue Devils attack could not move th e ball and had to convert this into a punt which counted as one of the few made in the match. The local team went again to the attack but difficulties continued and again they had to give the ball away. In the next drive, the Blue Devils transformed into the first touchdown of the match with an spectacular pass of more than 45 yards, with the extra point covertion. The score at this time reflected into a 0 – 10. Again, Osos traed to attack by this time combining the pass and run mix with two runingbacks in the backfield to give more potencial to the team, but did not make the first down, giving the ball back once again. The Blue Devils were feeling more confident and relaxed and started to play more of a pass. This permitted to advance yards more quickly y get close to the Osos’ end zone area. The Osos Deffense stopped the Blue Devils, but could not avoid another field goal. The difference in the score started to strech. The game started to complicate to the local team and another interception on their next drive really crumbled Osos hope. Blue Devils again transformed another field goal, leaving the difference in 16 points. The Osos’ attack was overflowed but the deffense of the Austrians and could not maintain possesion of the ball. The Madrid defense continued with their grate work, holding the attack which was very dangerous each time. Nevertheless, in a broken play, the Austrian quaterback ran 50 yards converting this into a 0 – 23 before halftime. Osos tried to score before the half time, but no time was left for this last attack. The scorce at halftime 0-23 .

In the third quarter the Austrian tema began attacking and using their stronges points, another long pass made by their impressive quaterback making in its first play, where the receivers outranned the secondary, converted this and multiple touchdowns in the game. Osos kept without moving the ball and had to give it again in a punt. The Austrian attack moved quickly with again, long passes. Allready in the Osos red zone, they again made another touchdown, this time in full force by its runningbacks, which extended their lead. In Osos’ next drive was converted into another interception transformed later on by its offense in a touchdown.

The team from Madrid mentally went down and again another stopped attack, the Blue Devils with another long pass of more than 45 yards, made another touchdown go up in the score board. Last quarter started with the Osos attacking. Little by little they started to move to the Austrian end zone and a run play made by the quarterback Toni Velasco (# 8) finally the honor score went up into the scoreboards for the Madrilians. An two point conversion was made and done by its wide receiver Luís Javier Boza (# 5). The final result of the game in Madrid was a 8 – 51.

In Summary Cineplexx Blue Devils demostrated they were always superior, specially their deffense. The Osos’ deffense also made a superior game, in separate to the result, specially in the first half, but their secondaries could not do anything to stop the fast Blue Devils receivers. Blue Devils demonstrated that small details in the game make big differences, and off today, the Spanish level in American Football is quite below the European level, a big part is the lack of support of the Institution. Anyways, Osos did not have its day, and had never played like this during the league, and at least be a bit closer in the final result. Never to say that the team has a big potential to progress in Europe and level up with the hard work and effort.

For Osos it has been a fun and learning experience.

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