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La Courneuve Flash
(c) La Courneuve Flash


08.05.2007 La Courneuve Flash

Exiting Game at La Courneuve

La Courneuve Flash : 7 / 7 / 7 / 6 27
Marburg Mercenaries : 7/ 0 / 0 / 21 28

Hard Fight between Flash and Mercenaries
(c) Flash de la Courneuve
Hard Fight between Flash and Mercenaries
(c)Flash de la Courneuve

What an exciting game this Saturday evening at la Courneuve. Both teams proposed an enjoyable football with a slice of thrill to 1.500 cheerful fans.

Flash wins the toss and opens the game with an academic running game, 5 carries for 20 yards. Then, first throw, first touchdown. Marco Angelo Soumah#9, between 2 German defenders caught the football for 42 yards. Kicker Eric l’Honorey makes the extra-point.
The Marburg offense enters the gridirion led by QB Joachim Ullrich at its own 40. 5 plays later WR # 81 Marcel Duft runs into the end zone. 7/7 after a good PAT.

On the return Samyr Hamoudi (#2) like a funambulist gives the ball back to flash offense at their own 40 yards. But the running game hit the defensive mercenaries wall , which forces a fumble and leads the flash to punt the ball away to the 27 yards.

The second Marburg drive is unsuccessful, too. The aggressive and quick flash defense causes 3 sacks (#5, #55,#57) for 24 yards loss during this drive. The football is given back the flash offense at 44 yards.

We now are in the second quarter. Head coach Lelard decides to alternate QBs #17 and #2(versatile Samyr Hamoudi) and running passing game. It seems to be the right strategy since Flash scores the second Td of the day (3 running plays, 4 passing plays) #15 Rb Guillaume Dumé catches a 2 yd pass Td. 14/7 after PAT conversion.

Less than 1 minute to go in this second quarter, Marburg Qb throws the football twice (4 and 22 yards) so that Marc Biedenkapp (#80) tries a 43 yards field goal. But he fails.

Referees whistle the end of the first half-time. Marburg and La Courneuve cheerleaders can show off and crowd has a snack.

3rd quarter : ball to mercenaries. And the Antione Jones (#33) show begins, he carries the football twice to bring it into the flash territory. But the flash linebackers are still vigilant , another sack occurs (#5 Jallal Meridja), and Mercenaries kicker enters the gridirion again for a 41 yards field goal try. It seems it’s not his day.
Then Flash has to punt away again. Second Mercenaries drive from their own 24 , another running play by #33 who fumbles the ball , recovered by Cyrille Ferreira #7 , who slaloms between offensive linemen to score a 33 yards TD. Flash 21 (pat good)/ mercenaries 7.

On the next drive, a bad tempered Antione Jones runs a 24 yards long carry. But the momentum belongs to the flash defense on this 3rd quarter. An imperial Jallal Meridja, obviously defensive player of this game with 1 sack, 5 solo tackles, 1 assist and 1 interception on this very play makes the 1.500 crowd scream and shout.

The offense can’t unfortunately shine as much as defense does and has to punt the ball away. Marburg offense seems to stumble but comforts itself through a 47 yards pass grasped by #80 WR. Antione Jones makes the offense job done by a 9 yards toss run . PAT good. Flash 21/ 14 Mercenaries.

4th quarter begins. The momentum now seems to belong to the mercenaries since the defensive front four forced flash to the 1.2.3. punt . Foad Adjir#1 kicks a mammoth punt which is fumbled by the german returner, and the speedster Marc Angelo Soumah gives back the ball on 5 yards line. Flash doesn’t take any risk and plans a jumbo offense to score the fourth Touchdown of this today game. Eric l’honorey fails the Pat. Flash 27 / 14 mercenaries.

Marburg has no choice but score. Joachim Ullrich decides to throw the ball since the running game fails. Right choice , 13 plays later, Marcel Duft scored his second Td. PAT good. Flash 27/ Mercenaries 21.

Less than 2 minutes left, Thus, the climax of this game, Marburg coaches choose the Onsidekick. French and German special teamers are ready to catch the football. Mercenaries win, though.
Flash defense is still on the grill, and can it be possible to get the ball back? No, it can’t. Antione Jones decide to keep on his show (17 runs for 92 yards, 5 catches for 41 yards) and therefore settles the game by a 6 yards run TD. PAT matters and the kicker doesn’t stumble and gives Marburg the lead.Flash 27/ 28 Mercenaries.

50 seconds left, cheers from the stences, Flash on 47 yards line, despite a 7 yards catch, offense can’t go through Marburg defense any longer. End of this beautiful and exciting game.

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