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Aix-en-Provence Argonauts
(c) Aix-en-Provence Argonauts


29.04.2003 Aix-en-Provence Argonautes

Argonautes lost revanche game against Lions

Inspite of this years home advantage Aix could not beat the Bergamo team in 2003 in front of 1.200 spectators. Last year both rivals met already in EUROBOWL in Italy and the Lions could win with just some points difference. This season we have to count with Bergamo again.

QB Dino Bucciol against Madrid
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QB Dino Bucciol against Madrid

Lions are first on board after a long drive finished by a 2 yards run by J. HOPPWELL.The Aix en Provence team answer right back with a long drive finished by an one hand catch by receiver N. BEN MIMOUN.On the first play of their second drive the Lions QB Bucciol find M. BARBOTTI by himself on the Argos defense for a 65 yards touchdown.The next Argos offensive series result by a punt.On the next serie the Italian team scored on another combination BUCCIOL / BARBOTTI on a 35 yard pass.On the kick off return the Aix en Provence returner D. EDMUNDSON fumble after a nice return & the Lions scored by D. LAND on a 2 yarder.After an interception thrown by Argos QB SUHL the haltime come on a 26-7 score for the Lions.
On the first drive on the second half the Argos score by EDMUNDSON on a 4 yards pass by SUHL.The next offensive possession for the Italians result by a running TD for BUCCIOL.The game is fun to watch with teams scoring on each drive now the Argos answer with a TD run by SUHL.Finally the Lions scored the last TD of the game on a 1 yard run by LAND.
Final score is 39 – 21 for the European champion.
The Lions offense finished with 450 total yards & 155 yards, 2 TD for BARBOTTI.
The Bergamo team was the best on the field on sunday without question & confirm their number 1 status in Europe.

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