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29.04.2003 Paris Flash

Paris Flash beat Ancona Dolphins

After a rest of one year the club from La Courneuve showed that the team showed still plays a good ball. Dolphins from Ancona could not take advantage of their better european experience. Obviously Paris Flash is the team to beat for the Braunschweig Lions, but the Dolphins will be a big burdon too.

Fighting for every yard
(c) Paris Flash
Fighting for every yard
(c)Paris Flash

FLASH versus DOLPHINS April 27th 2003

Club 1 Q 2 Q 3 Q 4 Q Final Score
Paris 6 12 0 12 30
Ancona 0 0 8 6 14

First Quarter:
The Flash won the toss and decided to receive the ball.
On the first drive, Daniel Podin, Nr.6, did run for a
29 yard TD. The following two point conversion failed.

Secpnd Quarter:
The Flash defence put a lot of pressure on the Dolphins
Offence. The result was a fumble that Samuel Coste, Nr.18,
brought back in the italian endzone for a 25 yard TD.
The two point conversion did not work again.

When the Flashs Offence got the ball they took back the ball
into the half of the Dolphins. Che Johnson, Nr. 17, scored
the third TD for the team from Paris on a 18 yard reception.
The extra point was not good.

Third Quarter:
The Dolphis ran for a TD of 1 yard scored by Nr.4.
They tried the two point conversion with success
by Nr.12.

Fourth Quarter:
The Flashs Offence took the ball and scored on a reception
of 84 yards by Fabrice Babin, Nr.87. They missed the two
point conversion another time.
On the next offensive drive of the Flash, they scored on a
reception of 29 yards by Che Johnson, Nr.17. The two point conversion failed again.
On their last drive the Dolphins scored with a TD of the QB, Nr.9. They missed their conversion.

1.300 visitors saw an interesting game on high level.

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