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Moscow Patriots
(c) Moscow Patriots


23.05.2007 Moscow Patriots

Patriots beat Woverines 30 : 0

Eurobowl XXI. Game in Moscow.
On May, 20th, 2007 on "Spartak 2" stadium within the limits of tournament «Eurobowl 2007» the game between teams "Moscow Patriots" and "Helsinki Wolverines", come to the end a convincing victory of moscovites over Finnish team 30 : 0.

Moscow Patriots beats the Turku Tojans 42:0
(c) Moscow Patriots
Moscow Patriots beats the Turku Tojans 42:0
(c)Moscow Patriots

"Moscow Patriots" 30:0 "Helsinki Wolverines"

This day capital heat has beaten all calendar records, namely its moscovites especially and do not favour. Not looking at an essential handicap, patriots of Moscow managed almost all: their run plays sometimes covered more than 50 yards, pass plays - came to the end with receptions; many interceptions have been made by defense.

Touchdowns were made by: Kirill Makurin # 19 twice, Horoshilov Pavel #5, Khisyametdinov Ramil #81. Interceptions were made by: Konstantin Semenets #21, Artem Ovsoyan #53, Eugene Sigaev #7, Vitaliy Ilukhin #28. Field goal was made by Denis Lantsov #43.

Not looking at a victory, « Moscow Patriots» the same as and « Helsinki Wolverines» have finished the participation in «Eurobowl 2007». Both teams in April have lost in group draw to the strongest club team of the Europe «Vienna Vikings».

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