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13.06.2007 Eidsvoll 1814s

Eidsvoll 1814`s demolished by the Dodge Vienna Vikings

In 2006 Eidsvoll did beat the austrian club from Hohenems, Cineplexx Blue Devils, in the semi-final of EFAF-Cup. Dodge Vienna Vikings showed the Champion of Norway, that the defending European Champion is another calibre. 63 - 16 was the final score in a game in front of about 2.500 visitors in Eidsvoll/Norway.

Eidsvoll 1814 beats the Devils from Austria
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Eidsvoll 1814 beats the Devils from Austria

The Dodge Vienna Vikings put on a football clinic against the Eidsvoll 1814`s ,leaving Eidsvoll in the dust by a score of 63-16. Around 2500 fans had showed up for the game, and what many belived would be a thight game, turned out to be a one-dimensional affair.

The Vikings of Vienna came in to the game well prepared with gratitude from the other Vikings. The Vikings scored on the first play of the game, taking the kick-off all the way back for a TD. Eidsvolls offence could only get a first down before running out of downs and the Vikings wasted no time scoring another TD.

Eidsvoll then answered with a field goal, and forced the Vikings to punt, but a horrible offensive pass interference call by a referee, put Eidsvoll to far back to get anything going. The Vikings then scored two more TD`s before halftime.

In the 2nd half Eidsvoll managed to score two quick TD`s but an injury ridden Eidsvoll defence could not stop the powerful Vikings offence who scored at will making the final score 63-16.

Even though the 1814`s could not challenge the Vikings on the field this saturday, it was a great showcase for the sport here in Norway. To have europes #1 team visiting Eidsvoll was a huge deal marketing wise for the sport. Both local and national tv and newspapers were present to cover the game, and the norwegian olympic comitee have scheduled a meeting with the 1814`s to see if they can help the club take the next steps towards a EFL championship.

Eidsvoll would like to thank the Vikings and wishes them all the best in the Eurobowl.

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