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Winterthur Warriors
(c) Winterthur Warriors


27.06.2007 Winterthur Warriors

Graz victory in Winterthur

Today the differences between the Austrian and the Swiss American football league became obvious. The Warriors fought stout-hearted against an opponent that athletically and technically was better. All the fights of the current Swiss champ did not help and at final a clear 13:55 loss was the verdict of the semifinal game between the Warriors and the Graz Giants.

Warriors defense gave a hard fight to the Graz Gaints
(c) Winterthur Warriors
Warriors defense gave a hard fight to the Graz Gaints
(c)Winterthur Warriors

The Graz Giants got the first ball possession and showed their potential on the offense, by gaining continuously yards and just being stopped in a 4th down 5 yards outside of the Warriors endzone. With their first ball possession the Winterthur offense surprised the defending EFAF-Cup champ and scored by a wonderful 98 yard run from Markus Schmid to a 6:0 lead. After the missed extra point the guests to over the ball possession and within a few plays got by themselves to their first touchdown and extra point (6:7) on this hot and beautiful Sunday afternoon. In front of the record crowd of more then 800 spectators the Warriors offense struggled in its future attempts to get more points. Joel Gorden the Quarterback of the Warriors more and more often had to run by himself for yards and firstdowns. Not only the defense of the Giants played well, as well the Offense started using their chances and took the ball once after the other times to the Warriors endzone, at halftime the guests lead with 6:28.

Even the visitors where in good mood after the halftime show performed by the Warriors Cheerleader, all support didn’t help and the Warriors had to punt at their own 30 yard line. It seemed as the Giants have made better adjustments in the break then the Warriors, so that the guest offense was able to score again. After this score the Graz defense picked the ball and returned it to an other touchdown. After this two scores it was clear who will win this game. Never the less none team stopped playing great football and therefore the crowd got to see 3 more touchdowns. First the experienced US Quarterback of the Graz team found again a receiver for a touchdown. In the last quarter the task was back with Winterthur and Moritz Boller, junior receiver from the Warriors, caught a great pass from Joel Gordon to mark the second touchdown for Winterthur, before the Austrian Team scored for its final touchdown to end the game with 13:55.

Even it was high loss, the Warriors have learned a lot from a European Top10 team and focus now on their national championship to be eligible to play next year again in EFAF-Cup.

With the Graz Giants in the final game against the Hohenems Blue Devils the EFAF-Cup 2007 final becomes a pure Austrian affair. To the Graz Giants we wish all the best to get the second EFAF-Cup victory in row.

Roland Reichlin, Winterthur Warriors

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