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Aix-en-Provence Argonauts
(c) Aix-en-Provence Argonauts


14.05.2003 Aix-en-Provence Argonautes

Argonautes win the heat fight against Bears

Aix en Provence, South France, Sunday, May 12th, 2pm: 28degrees in the sun!
The russian Bears play their first season game against the ArgonautesFirst impressinos is: the Russians are huge and in both lines 10 - 20 kilos heavier and about 10 cm taller. That day it really was not an advantage.

Hard hit by the defense
(c) Madrid Osos
Hard hit by the defense
(c)Madrid Osos

Aix en Provence Argonautes versus Moscow Bears 27 :13

The french Champion Aix met a physical stronger russian team. But the higher
Speed of the french players compared to the taller and heavier Russians was one
of the advantages besides the american QB Kenneth Suhl.
The advantage in weight didnĀ“t count positive for the Bears because of the high
temperatures in the high midday temperatures. During the French team is preparing
for next weekends national semi-finals, it was the first game in the 2003 Moscow
season. This fact alone faces the difficulties of an european tournament. When
there is already summer in southern Europe in some northern parts of Scandinavia or
Russia still is winter.

The russian offense started the game. On the first drive Aix en Provence DL’s Eric
GUYON recovers a fumble from the Moscow running back.After a couple of plays
the Argonautes are on the Russians 2 yards line but are unable to score. The Aix en
Provence defense stops the Russians offense & on the next offensive play the French champion score on a Kenneth SUHL 40 yards pass to Remi ROUSSET. 7:0 after the
Kick was good.

The next offensive serie for the Argos results on a pick by SUHL in the second
quarter, but the Russians won’t move the ball good enough on offense. The Aix en
Provence team scores on another SUHL’s toss to WR Bruno RIZZO. The Russians
will get on the board after the second interception thrown by SUHL : the Russian LB
got the ball back the Aix end zone.

The Argos finished the half with a 51 yards Field goal by kicker Laurent TARLET
& another TD catch by ROUSSET.Halftime score 24 –7.

In the third quarter both clubs could not get the ball into the endzone besides a
Field goal from Aix. The Moscow Bears scored another TD on the run answer by
a Field goal by TARLET in the fourth quarter.

During the second half the Argonautes used their backups and youngsters from Aix
en Provence on the field. SUHL finished the game with 176 yards & 2 td’s.
ROUSSET with 83 yards & 2 td’s on the air & 11 yards on the ground.

Final score 27 - 13

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