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20.05.2003 Vienna Vikings

Vienna Vikings vs Donetsk Scythians

Vienna Vikings vs Donetsk Scythians (May 18, 2003 at Wien)
Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4
Donetsk Scythians... 0 0 0 8 – 8
Vienna Vikings...... 21 19 7 0 – 47

Pure Dynamic - Vikings rushes the ball
(c) Vikings
Pure Dynamic - Vikings rushes the ball

Vienna, May 18th
Stadium Hohe Warte:
Visitors: 2.700
Final Score: 47:8

Finally Eurobowl football is back to Vienna! Especially after the unfortunate refusal of the first scheduled EB game against Moldavia the fans and the team were anxious about the first international football appearance for the Vikings in the 2003 season.

After the Donetsk Scythians 114:6 victory over the Kishinev Barbarians nobody really knew what to expect from the Ukraine team. The only known fact was, that the athletic ability of the Scythians would be very good. This expectation and the knowledge that this game will determine the EB future for the Chrysler Vikings gave the team from Vienna enough motivation for the battle.

The Donetsk Scythians started the game with the first offensive drive from their own 8-yard line. The Vikings Defense had no problems to adjust to the Offense and forced the Scythians to punt after 3 downs. The Vikings Offense continued what the Defense started and after 3 plays QB #4 Shawn Olson found REC #18 Luke Atwood in the end zone with a 16 yds pass. The PAT was kicked by K/P #2 Peter Kramberger. After the following kick off the second offensive drive from the Scythians started on their own 21-yard line and seemed to be more successful.
Donetsk gained a new first down but unfortunately a pass from QB #17 Bliznetsov was intercepted and returned for 19 yds from LB #34 Bascil Mitchell. So the Chrysler Vikings Vienna Offense started from the opponent's 28-yard line. Five plays later REC # 81 Gernot Schaar scored by catching a 5 yd. Pass from QB Shawn Olson. The following drives seemed to be a copy of the past scenario. Donetsk was again forced to finish their next offensive drive with a punt and Vienna's Offense scored one more time by a 21 yd reception of REC # 81 Gernot Schaar. The next attempt from the Ukrainian Offense to score was stopped by the interception of Mario Floredo #7. Again the Chrysler Vikings Offense was able to put more points on the scoreboard with a 7yd rush from Lance Gustafson #25. After another unsuccessful offensive ball possession the Scythians had to punt the ball to Vienna, who again was able to gain more points (QB Olson with a 14dyd TD pass to Like Atwood #18. Kamberge's kick attempt failed). The next interception from DB #37 Richard Mikula took away another chance to
put points on the board for The Scythians. QB Olson gained the next score for the Vikings with an 11yd rush. The last chance in the first half for Donetsk to score ended with a punt. With only a few seconds remaining the Vikings Offense took a knee and both teams went into the halftime break.

With a 40-0 cushion Vienna opened the 2nd half with their Offense, now led by Luke Atwood as QB, after Joe Widner #9 returned the kick off to Vikings 45 yd line. The drive ended with 1 yd rushing TD from LB Michael Werosta # 40 who was also lined up as Fullback from HC Tom Smythe. The 47-0 was gained by a kick from #2 Peter Kramberger. The next punt from Donetsk gave Vienna the ball back but the Scythians, who kept on playing with unbreakable effort and motivation, stopped the Vikings with an interception from A.Prokopenko #44 (touchback).

In longest drive from Donetsk, the Offense fought over 14 plays to the Vikings end zone and finally earned their first score by a 12yd TD pass from QB #17 Bliznetsov to #12 E.Kozachok. Motivated from the score QB Bliznetsov threw again to Kozachok for a 2-point conversion. Although the second half was the time for Vienna's backup players and the score obviously came to late to change the game it definitely has to be mentioned the players from Donetsk played with remarkable spirit and sportsmanship. Their fairness on the field was impressive and although many players had to play on both sides of the ball (just 24 players came to Vienna) they never gave up till the end. The crowd rewarded this outstanding performance from the Scythians after the game with standing ovations.Scoring Summary:
1st 08:47 VIK - L.Atwood 16 yd pass from S.Olson (P.Kramberger kick), 3 plays, 31 yards, TOP 1:14,
SCY 0 - VIK 7
03:44 VIK - G.Schaar 5 yd pass from S.Olson (P.Kramberger kick), 5 plays, 28 yards, TOP 2:12, SCY 0 - VIK 14
01:34 VIK - G.Schaar 21 yd pass from S.Olson (P.Kramberger kick), 4 plays, 54 yards, TOP 0:45, SCY 0 - VIK 21

2nd 09:50 VIK - L.Gustafson 7 yd run (P.Kramberger kick), 7 plays, 38 yards, TOP 2:11, SCY 0 - VIK 28
05:10 VIK - L.Atwood 14 yd pass from S.Olson (P.Kramberger kick failed), 7 plays, 77 yards, TOP 2:49, SCY 0 - VIK 34
00:51 VIK - S.Olson 11 yd run (P.Kramberger kick failed), 6 plays, 99 yards, TOP 1:21, SCY 0 - VIK 40

3rd 08:48 VIK - M.Werosta 1 yd run (P.Kramberger kick), 8 plays, 55 yards, TOP 3:12, SCY 0 - VIK 47

4th 11:06 SCY - E.Kozachok 12 yd pass from E.Bliznetsov (E.Kozachok pass), 14 plays, 80 yards, TOP 4:57, SCY 8 - VIK 47
FIRST DOWNS................... 13 21
RUSHES-YARDS (NET).......... .. 33-86 34-223
PASSING YDS (NET)............. 57 200
Passes Att-Comp-Int........... 22-5-3 21-14-1
TOTAL OFFENSE PLAYS-YARDS..... 55-143 55-423
Fumble Returns-Yards......... . 0-0 0-0
Punt Returns-Yards............ 0-0 2-23
Kickoff Returns-Yards......... 6-97 2-41
Interception Returns-Yards.... 1-0 3-54
Punts (Number-Avg).......... .. 5-40.8 1-57.0
Fumbles-Lost.................. 6-0 2-1
Penalties-Yards............... 11-84 7-70
Possession Time............... 28:11 19:49
Sacks By: Number-Yards........ 0-0 0-0

Donetsk Scythians-V.Melnik 5-33; D.Nikitin 5-25; E.Bliznetsov 14-20; V.Boleyko 4-12; A.Pavlov 4-5; E.Kozachok 1-minus 9

. Vienna Vikings-K.McIntosh 8-91; R.Pointner 6-40; S.Olson 6-32; L.Atwood 2-17; L.Gustafson 3-15; The.Vanicek 2-14; T.El-Badramani 2-12; A.Schwarz 1-6; B.Mitchell 1-2; M.Werosta 1-1; N.Gutmann 2-minus 7.

Donetsk Scythians-E.Bliznetsov 5-21-3-57; A.Pavlov 0-1-0-0. Vienna Vikings-S.Olson 12-17-0-193; L.Atwood 1-3-1-1; N.Gutmann 1-1-0-6. RECEIVING: Donetsk Scythians-E.Kozachok 2-23; A.Pavlov 1-20; D.Hubar 1-15; V.Boleyko 1-minus 1.

Vienna Vikings-L.Atwood 3-39; R.Pointner 3-29; G.Schaar 2-26; P.Asiladab 2-11; T.El-Badramani 2-7; The.Vanicek 1-69; J.Widner 1-19. INTERCEPTIONS: Donetsk Scythians-A.Prokopenko 1-0. Vienna Vikings-A.Mader 1-35; B.Mitchell 1-19; R.Mikula 1-0.

Stadium: Hohe Warte Attendance: 3500 Kickoff time: 15h00 End of Game: 17h20 Total elapsed time: 2h20 Officials: Referee: L.Bernstein; Umpire: R.Berger; Linesman: W.Edelmueller; Line judge: M.Ulicny; Field judge: S.Bellini; Side judge: A.Arnold; Scorer: B.Sobotka; Temperature: 21,5 deg Wind: light Weather: cloudy Donetsk Scythians vs Vienna Vikings (May 18, 2003 at Wien)

SACKS (UA-A): Donetsk Scythians-None.
Vienna Vikings-None.

Donetsk Scythians-S.Kornyev 6-0; O.Amelin 6-0; M.Prystavka 5-0; T.Volchukov 2-2; O.Klymenko 3-0; E.Kozachok 3-0; V.Kochura 3-0; I.Nesterov 2-1; O.Yakovchuk 2-1; O.Zhyvodrov 2-1; M.Teorenter 2-0; O.Kushnarenko 1-0; D.Nikitin 1-0; V.Melnik 1-0; D.Korchemnyy 1-0; A.Prokopenko 1-0.

Vienna Vikings-P.Mager 5-0; B.Mitchell 5-0; R.Floredo 5-0; M.Werosta 4-1; D.Fettner 2-2; K.Wurm 2-0; C.Kain 2-0; C.Stein 1-1; G.Rieck 1-0; L.Gustafson 1-0; J.Wimmer 1-0; P.Kramberger 1-0; Team Vikings 1-0; M.Hirtl 1-0; M.Floredo 1-0; S.Withalm 1-0; N.Hribernik 0-1; G.Murth 0-1.

Player participation:

Donetsk Scythians: 9-M.Prystavka, 12-E.Kozachok, 17-E.Bliznetsov, 22-V.Boleyko, 23-O.Yakovchuk, 25-D.Nikitin, 35-A.Serov, 37-V.Melnik, 40-A.Pavlov, 43-S.Kornyev, 44-A.Prokopenko, 49-V.Kochura, 50-O.Klymenko, 52-I.Nesterov, 55-T.Volchukov, 58-O.Amelin, 62-O.Zhyvodrov, 66-D.Korchemnyy, 74-A.Kravchenko, 80-E.Mynyn, 82-D.Dubrov, 88-D.Hubar, 89-M.Teorenter, 91-O.Kushnarenko.

Vienna Vikings: 1-N.Gutmann, 2-P.Kramberger, 4-S.Olson, 6-K.Wurm, 7-M.Floredo, 8-R.Floredo, 9-J.Widner, 10-P.Mager, 12-P.Asiladab, 15-The.Vanicek, 18-L.Atwood, 20-A.Schwarz, 21-T.El-Badramani, 22-R.Pointner, 23-N.Hribernik, 24-M.Hirtl, 25-L.Gustafson, 26-J.Wimmer, 27-T.Oberzeller, 28-K.McIntosh, 29-G.Pachmann, 30-S.Withalm, 32-D.Fettner, 34-B.Mitchell, 35-C.Stradiot, 37-R.Mikula, 39-M.Schmitt, 40-M.Werosta, 41-C.Kain, 43-A.Mader, 47-M.Bauer, 51-M.V”lkel, 53-O.Weinegg, 56-H.Pitschek, 58-G.Collins, 59-R.Rolka, 65-R.Ehrenberger, 66-H.Endl, 67-N.Baumberger, 68-R.Seybold, 71-M.Hammermueller, 72-M.Oismueller, 73-C.Wieshofer, 74-M.Trimmel, 75-Tho.Vanicek, 76-D.Djurisic, 77-C.Pasecky, 78-A.Salecic, 79-T.Atkins, 80-G.Neyer, 81-G.Schaar, 83-A.Amr, 84-W.Hable, 87-I.Zivko, 90-A.Ferus, 93-G.Rieck, 95-G.Murth, 96-W.Binder, 99-C.Stein.

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