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Moscow Patriots
(c) Moscow Patriots


19.05.2003 Moscow Patriots

Thriller in Moscow

The game in Moscow between Moscow Patriots and Stockholm Mean Machines was one of the sports event which develloped a lot different than many non-russian experts expected. It was not the easy show up of the favorit Stockholm. In contrary: The swedish club had to give erverything to win.
A minute before the end of the game Patriots were still in front.

Patriots finding the gap
(c) Stockholm Mean Machine
Patriots finding the gap
(c)Stockholm Mean Machine

Moscow, May 17th 2003,
Moscow Patriots vs Stockholm Mean Machines
1.200 visitors
first cloudy/rainy than sunny weather

That was a game every spectator at Moscow’s Stadium “Trud” was happy to see. From the first play till the final whistle nobody could answer the question ”Who will win in that battle of offences”.

Moscow Patriots won the toss and elected to receive. After returning the ball they started their fist drive. Eugenie Chekhov, European Junior Championship 2002 MVP, had a great run for almost 50 yards and scored. That was his second TD in this Eurobowl tournament (first was scored against Badalona). Moscow’s 2-point conversion attempt wasn’t good and left the score at 6:0. After that Machines had a great drive and also scored but Sweden footballers were better on PAT’s and went ahead 6:7.

The Patriots answered with another touchdown in their next run. Again the second try for a two-point-conversion failed. The first quarter finished 12 : 7 for the Russians.

The following drive was finished successfully by Stockholm included the extrapoint. The answer of the Moscow club followed directly by another touchdown from RB Chekhov and following two points. But the swedish club could answer again in the next drive which was finished with a touchdown for Stockholm and the extrapoint failed.

Halftime score: 20:20

That was a game that should be in the European record books for example in punts and punt returns. There were only ONE punt during a game with NO returns and also only ONE no-good fourth-down conversion. During the first half EVERY drive ended with a score. That was a result of good offence and bad defense for both teams.

During the third quarter there was only one touchdown for the Mean Machines.
In the beginning of the fourth quarter the score was 20:32 after another touchdown of the swedish team and Russian team was 12 points behind. Eugenie Chekhov made a good run for about 20 yards with TD as a result and 2 point conversion. After the no-good Sweden drive Eugenie Sigaev (also was elected to All-Europe Junior All-star team) made a great pass for Dmitri Lobanov and made the score 36-32.

Maybe Patriots were relax after that or Machines wanted to win so hardly (or it was all together) but Stockholm made a great drive and scored. Russian team had little bit more then a minute for the final drive but it wasn’t good and Stockholm Mean Machines won that battle 39-36.

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