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Stockholm Mean Machine
(c) Stockholm Mean Machine


23.05.2003 Stockholm Mean Machines

Preview Stockholm Mean Machines – Badalona Drags

24th of May at Zinkensdamm 18.00

Ronald Biro in the 2001 game against the Drags

(c) Stockholm Mean Machine
Ronald Biro in the 2001 game against the Drags
(c)Stockholm Mean Machine

It’s time to see how good Mean Machines football really is. Looking back on the last five years Swedish teams (well, mostly Stockholm) have performed quite well in the Eurobowl.

1998 Lost qualifying game to Helsinki Roosters (blow out!)
1999 Lost qualifying games to both Aarhus Tigers and Helsinki Roosters (lost both games by a touchdown)
2000 Won all qualifying games against Aarhus Tigers and Oslo Vikings. Played well against both Hamburg Blue Devils and the European champions Bergamo Lions (lost by two touchdowns against both teams). Made it to semi-final.
2001 Won qualifying game against Badalona Dragons but lost against Vienna Vikings in the semi-final. Made it to semi-final.
2002 Tyresö Royal crowns represented Sweden and lost all games.
2003 Won first game against Moscow Patriots by 39-36. Since both Stockholm and Badalona have beaten Moscow, the winner of this game will qualify for the Eurobowl semi-final.

Badalona has a very competitive team including three American players (QB, RB and CB) and two Swedish national team players (Granberg and Rundberg).

Badalona runs an open offense with multiple receiver sets. They have a good quarterback and a big strong running back. Also look out for their Tight End, who has years of NFL Europe experience. On defense Badalona runs an aggressive 3-4 defense with good skill players.

In the last game against Badalona we won by an incredible 72-52. This game will be much closer. We outweigh Badalona on offense, however Badalonas team speed will definitely present problems for us. Our offense has so far during this season been unstoppable, averaging 40 points per game. On defense we believe we match pretty well against Badalonas type of offense and personnel. It will not be an easy game.

Come help Stockholm win on Saturday,
Welcome to Zinkensdamm!

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