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25.05.2003 Braunschweig Lions

Braunschweig defeat Paris in fourth quarter

The game was open till to the end of the third quarter.
8:0 at halftime and 16:8 till the beginning of the fourth quarter let grow the tension and expactations of 4.530 visitors. But as already happened against Ancona the Lions scored four touchdowns in the last quarter.

fight against Paris Flash
(c) Braunschweig Lions
fight against Paris Flash
(c)Braunschweig Lions




In front of 4.530 spectators in the city of Helmstedt the Braunschweig Lions reached the semifinal in this years Eurobowl tournament. The team of Headcoach Troy Tomlin defeated the Paris Flash in an exciting game with 44:8 (8:0) and will be facing the Badalona Drags now.

But even though the final result might sound like an easy game it wasn´t like that for the german Vice-Champions at all. The french team came out strong and played a real great first half. They had good offensive drives but were not able or lucky enough to score points from them. So it was the Lions who went into the lockerrooms with a close halftime lead.

Paris kept playing very solid in the third Quarter and after the Lions had scored their second touchdown with Runningback Kim Kuci the Flash came back and scored too. Didier Descas caught a nice pass from US-Quarterback Che Johnson who played for the injured Vincent Lelard.

After that score it was an exciting game between two very good football teams and in the final Quarter the Lions finally took advantage of their better condition on a very hot day.

First it was David DeArmas who put more points on the board for the Braunschweig team and Kim Kuci put the game away for the Lions with his second touchdown on the day. He was voted MVP for that game too because next to his two touchdowns he also scored on one conversion and rushed for 118 on 22 tries.

After that score Paris was not able to come back into the game and a couple of injured players on their side did not help at all for that. So it was up to the Lions Defense and Special Teams to end the game. First Andre Grohe took back a fumble from Che Johnson caused by Tuli Mateialona for a touchdown and in the final minutes of the game Kelvin Love excited the crowd again with a spectacular 51 Yard-Punt Return for a touchdown.

The Lions advanced to the Eurobowl semifinal for the fourth time in their history and they will have to play against the Badalona Drags now on June 14th in the city of Salzgitter.


2nd Quarter
8:0 Kelvin Love 35 Yard-Pass by Adrian Rainbow (Conv. Kim Kuci)
3rd Quarter
16:0 Kim Kuci 1 Yard-Run (Conversion Lars Trömel)
16:8 Didies Descas 5 Yard-Pass by Che Johnson (Conv. Didier Descas)
4th Quarter
23:8 David DeArmas 1 Yard-Pass by Adrian Rainbow (PAT Marko Rothaar)
30:8 Kim Kuci 1 Yard-Run (PAT Marko Rothaar)
37:8 Andre Grohe 17 Yard-Fumble Return (PAT Marko Rothaar)
44:8 Kelvin Love 51 Yard-Punt Return (PAT Marko Rothaar)

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