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Bergamo Lions
(c) Bergamo Lions


27.05.2003 Bergamo Lions

Bergamo Lions defeat Moscow Bears

The Bergamo Lions are in the Semi-Finals again after an easy win against the russian Bears from Moscow. The italian victory was not unexpected, but the high scoring difference was astonishing after the close result from Moscow against Aix. Now again the third year in row: Vienna Vikings vs Bergamo Lions

Bergamo Lions returning an Interception for 6 points against the Moscow Bears
(c) Bergamo Lions
Bergamo Lions returning an Interception for 6 points against the Moscow Bears
(c)Bergamo Lions

Lions down Bears 65 : 3

The Lions started early in front of their home crowd.
Fullback Johny Hopewell scoried 1st with a one-yard TD plunge.
Tailback Dave Dinnall followed with his own one-yard TD run.
Dinnall then hooked up with QB Dino Bucciol on a 62-yard reception
for another TD. Then Bucciol threw another TD pass to Pete Sangenette,
from 16 yards out.

The Lions defence was solid from the start. Craig Kastning,
intercepted a pass and took it back 35 yards for the TD.
Sangenette scored his second TD, right before halftime,
on a spectacular 68 yard return.

The second half had Dino Bucciol throwing 3 more TD passes.

First was the 29-yard pass to WR Matteo Soresini for the TD.
Then he followed with a 10-yard pass to WR Frederico Bianca
for the TD. Soresini then received another pass from Bucciol
for a 11-yard TD.

Bucciol finished off the afternoon with completing 12 out of 18
passes for 215 yards and 5 TD’s. Sangenette had 4 punt returns
for 126 yards and a TD.

With the win, the Lions qualify for the Eurobowl Semi-final,
which is to be hosted by the Vienna Vikings.

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