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Club competition dates determimed
EFL Bowl: Dramatic End with a points festival
EUROBOWL XXXII: Excitement in the high-class finale -
EFL Bowl, 9th of June: Milano Seamen against the Potsdam Royals
EUROBOWL XXXII - Battle of the European heavyweights
Two German clubs are fighting for Europe's football crown:
EUROBOWL XXXII with FanZone -Opening three hours before kick off
EFL Bowl V will take place in Milan

Team Information

Berlin Adler
(c) Berlin Adler

Berlin Adler

Country: Germany

Founded: 1979

Homepage of the Berlin Adler

AFC Berlin Adler
The Berlin Adler Amercian Football Club was originally founded in 1979 – under the name Berliner Bären (Berlin bears) and was headed by American soldiers stationed in Berlin. Some 80 players first joined the BSC Wilmersdorf Spot Club. In 1982 the set up their own club and since then they are known as Berlin Adler.
The team started to play in the First National Football League before it joined the newly founded German Football League (GFL) in 2002. The constantly growing Adler family presently has over 400 players, coaches and members plus a large fan base.
Pride, honor and passion! These are the values Berlin Adler stand for. Under these themes Berlin Adler with their experienced coaches fight for optimum results. Everyone on the team is aware of his or her role and their shared target of victory. Physical and mental fitness, talent, ambition and team spirit are basic preconditions for the players in our GFL-Team.
First-class performance and continuing success are provided by an intensive and successful youth program overseen by our excellent trained coaches.
In 1987 the Berlin Adler won their first national championship – more victories followed in 1989-1991, 2004 and 2009. National and international championships have been won: Eurobowl Championship in 2010 and to runners up as well as EFAF Cup Championship in 2008.
2013 was a very satisfying year. The Berlin Adler just barely missed the final of the Germanbowl – with a nerve-racking game that went right to the last minute. Reaching the semi-finals of the Eurobowl has been another achievement, which was reached in a spectacular game at home in the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark.

AFC Berlin Adler e.V
Allee du Stade
Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 207-214
13405 Berlin


Berlin Adler
Geschäftsstelle - Stade Napoleon - Allee du Stade
Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 207-214
D - 13405 Berlin

030/40 30 30 96

030/40 30 30 97


PR Releases Berlin Adler
30.05.2013Stats Berlin vs Graz
28.05.2012Report and Stats Berlin vs London
30.05.2011Adler win thriller against Graz - again in EUROBOWL
11.05.2011Berlin Adlers won Eurobowl Quarterfinal
10.05.2011Berlin wins against Danube
22.04.2009Berlin vs Moscow
13.07.2008Adler victorious in EFAF Cup 2008
02.06.2008Berlin Adler in EFAF-Cup Final
13.05.2008Berlin Adler reach the semifinal of the EFAF Cup
09.04.2008Adler beat Crusaders 26 : 12
30.04.2007Adler fall to Vikings
18.04.2006A flattering victory

Games of Berlin Adler
EFL21.05.1716:00hPrague Black Panthers vs. Berlin Adler36:17(7:7/7:3/7:0/15:7)
EFL06.05.1716:00hBerlin Adler vs. Thonon Black Panthers13:14(6:0/0:7/7:0/0:7)
BIG630.04.1617:00hSchwäbisch Hall Unicorns vs. Berlin Adler28:0(14:0/7:0/0:0/7:0)
BIG624.04.1615:00hBerlin Adler vs. Swarco Raiders Tirol0:58(0:20/0:14/0:10/0:14)
BIG603.05.1515:00hBerlin Adler vs. Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna0:33(0:7/0:12/0:7/0:7)
BIG618.04.1516:00hSchwäbisch Hall Unicorns vs. Berlin Adler57:15(26:7/17:0/14:0/0:8)
EFL16.06.1315:00hRaiffeisen Vikings Vienna vs. Berlin Adler41:17(7:7/17:3/14:0/3:7)
EFL25.05.1315:00hBerlin Adler vs. JCL Graz Giants35:31(0:14/9:7/0:7/26:3)
EFL17.06.1215:00hVienna Vikings vs. Berlin Adler34:7(3:7/17:0/7:0/7:0)
EFL27.05.1214:00hBerlin Adler vs. London Blitz21:15(7:0/0:12/7:3/7:0)
EFL18.06.1120:30hTirol Raiders vs. Berlin Adler27:12(10:0/7:6/7:0/3:6)
EFL28.05.1118:00hBerlin Adler vs. Graz Giants32:30(0:0/0:21/14:0/18:9)
EFL07.05.1118:00hBerlin Adler vs. Danube Dragons35:25(13:7/10:7/6:3/6:8)
EFL04.07.10--Vienna Vikings vs. Berlin Adler31:34(7:7/14:10/7:14/3:3)
EFL06.06.10--Tirol Raiders vs. Berlin Adler27:29(6:13/0:6/21:7/0:3)
EFL15.05.10--Porvoo Butchers vs. Berlin Adler16:47(0:0/0:0/0:0/0:0)
EFL01.05.1018:00hBerlin Adler vs. Stockholm Mean Machines35:9(14:0/14:9/7:0/0:0)
EFL03.04.1015:00hPrague Panthers vs. Berlin Adler30:40(10:0/0:20/12:13/8:7)
EFL25.04.0918:00hLa Courneuve Flash vs. Berlin Adler31:24(6:0/12:17/0:0/13:7)
EFL19.04.0915:00hBerlin Adler vs. Moscow Patriots54:0(34:0/10:0/3:0/7:0)
EFAF12.07.0819:00hBerlin Adler vs. Parma Panthers29:0 
EFAF31.05.0818:00hBerlin Adler vs. Prague Panthers25:21(0:0/7:7/3:7/15:7)
EFAF10.05.0818:00hBerlin Adler vs. Triangle Razorbacks38:0(12:0/13:0/7:0/6:0)
EFAF05.04.0818:00hBerlin Adler vs. Amsterdam Crusaders26:12(3:0/16:0/7:6/0:6)
EFAF23.06.0716:00hHohenems Blue Devils vs. Berlin Adler22:18(7:6/0:12/8:0/7:0)
EFAF27.05.0715:00hAmsterdam Crusaders vs. Berlin Adler6:34(6:14/0:6/0:8/0:6)
EFAF29.04.0714:00hBerlin Adler vs. Oslo Vikings13:18(0:0/6:0/0:12/7:6)
EFAF30.04.0614:00hGraz Giants vs. Berlin Adler28:16(7:3/7:0/7:6/7:7)
EFAF15.04.0618:00hBerlin Adler vs. Prague Lions14:9(7:0/0:6/0:3/7:0)

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